3 of the top 10 Most Inspirational Bangladeshis are Tech-Centric

London-based organization ‘British-Bangladeshi Power and Inspiration’ yesterday revealed in British Parliament Commonwealth room a list of 10 most inspirational Bangladeshis around the world. It was much to my surprise that 3 of the top 10 had significant contribution in technology field. But then again, Bangladeshis were always talented. It was always the lack of opportunities…

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[Video] Happy Holidays! Though I have no idea..

Every year around December, thanks to the internet, I see the world preparing to celebrate not just the new year, but also the snowfall, Christmas and end of the year. Before that, of course, comes thanksgiving, Halloween, black Friday and cyber Monday (Have I missed anything?); none of which is particularly celebrated in Bangladesh. But…

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Note to self: Do you know when to give up?

They say failure is the pillar of success. Did they say how many pillars does success actually need? There comes a time when you know that, despite putting all of your efforts into achieving something, into becoming someone, you just can’t. There comes a realization that no matter how hard you try and how deeply…

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WordPress for Firefox OS: Start photoblogging now!

Without going into detail, I just want to let my fellow Firefox OS users know that Automattic Inc., the folks behind the coolest stuff on the web such as and WordPress (self-hosted software), has just released an app for Firefox OS. It’s called WP Photos and is primarily used for photoblogging. You can snap…

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