An Evening in Bangla Academy Book Fair Premises

Book Fair 2015 Dhaka

Omor Ekushey Book Fair is a remarkable month-long event that takes place every February in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The book fair sees huge gathering of both readers and writers as well as give a common platform for readers to meet their favorite writers. It attracts both the mainstream writers and new writers to publish new books.

The month-long fair especially symbolizes the celebration of International Mother Language Day, which is on February 21. Various special events take place on that day all throughout Bangladesh, with the main event taking place at Central Shaheed Minar, not very far from where the Book Fair is located.

Every year in February, in celebration of the Mother Language Day, the book fair is held in Bangla Academy premises. It’s a wonderful place that comes alive with thousands of readers and visitors. However, I’m not a regular book fair visitor. In fact, I don’t even remember the last time I went to the book fair. The reason I don’t go to book fair is mostly the crowd. I don’t like crowd at all, which keeps me away from most fairs except for technology-oriented ones. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Celebration in Dhaka

Valentine's Day Celebration in Dhaka 2015

Yesterday I was out taking photographs of people (mostly couples, but that’s needless to say right?) celebrating the Valentine’s Day. Despite the ongoing fear of political violence that erupts every now and then in literally everywhere in the city, people were out celebrating. Some people went out with their friends, some with their family members, and others were with their loved ones.

It’s a common scene in Dhaka that every time there is an occasion, people flood the street. It makes me think we do know how to celebrate! All we need is an occasion. Continue reading

‘Life on Fire’

A. I. Sajib:

Just the other day I wrote how I stopped reading newspaper stories in the morning and started reading people’s stories about life. I spared the details of the horrific incidents that are taking place in Bangladesh. But now I have visual proof. These powerful, heart-breaking images show you the other side of the story, the side that gets burned despite having no connection to politics whatsoever. In Bangladesh, you are a lucky person if you can get back home after a working day in one piece. And those who aren’t lucky? See for yourself.

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Now-a-days Beauty Begum (45) cannot remember anything. Even a few days ago she could remember everything, from her bazaar list to TV serial’s schedule. At present she is forgetting everything. In front of her eyes in the hospital bed lays the horrifically burnt body of her husband, Jamed (42). Somehow this is no longer affecting her. Now she is constantly thinking about the doctor’s prescription of eggs, lemons and malta’s increasing prices. Her savings of many years from their daily bazaar profits is now in the pennies. Now she worries about her husband’s job that he did for 15 years as a temporary employee. She felt helpless about the increasing price of eggs and lemons; she doesn’t know how to give courage to her terrified son who is supposed to attend the Secondary Board examination. She is overly concerned how to pay 2500 taka of her house rent. Moreover, the…

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Better than Newspaper, My Morning Starts with Life

golden our

That’s a literal way of saying how most of my mornings start these days. I wake up, check my phone for notifications such as emails and messengers, and after I get up and fresh, I turn on my computer and navigate to’s Life tag.

If you didn’t know, one of the best things about blogging in is that when you type in Tags in your post, and your blog’s settings are set to default/public, other bloggers and readers from all over the world can look up and discover your post in the Reader. The Reader section of is an awesome way to find what others are talking about. And I love to listen to people’s stories — what they think, how they feel, how their life has been, etc. Continue reading

About the Desperate Will to Do Something That Matters

superman lego new york

Have you ever wanted to do something that matters? Something that not only contributes to the betterment of yourself, but also results in the betterment of others? What have you done to bring change in the world, however small?

I sometimes find this weird will to do something that touches people, something that makes them smile, or forget their world of sufferings and struggle — even if that’s for a moment. Someone told me that I must have been leading a happy and bored life to be wanting to make others happy. I wish I could make them understand that I have my fair share of sufferings and struggle in my life. But when all else fails, making others smile can bring back part of it to your own self. Continue reading

Photography: Shooting Mundane

still life dhaka

One of the best things I like (and envy) about skilled photographers is how they are able to capture interesting photographs in the middle of mundane. You could put them anywhere and they’ll still be able to capture photos that aren’t cliched, are interesting and most people would have overlooked.

I guess that sense, or that eye for detail, either comes naturally to them after years of practice or they are just gifted like that. Whatever the case is, being able to shoot interesting things from ordinary places is something I’ve been trying for a while. It’s difficult; not to mention I’m new to photography which could be why I find it even harder to see something ‘normal’ eyes don’t. Continue reading