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Fear of Death

I had a dream just few minutes ago that I will likely never forget. It was scarier than any dream I’ve ever had, and it was strangely relevant to the happenings of my real life at the moment. Let me tell you the story of my dream that woke up the fear of death in…

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Red Ants Redemption

One of the few things that I hate about living in a tin-shed house is the surprise attack of insects. Round the year, in different seasons, usually two kinds of insects show up: mosquitoes and ants. Mosquitoes can be prevented by spraying aerosols, but what do you do when ants, particularly red ants, literally take…

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An Evening in Bangla Academy Book Fair Premises

Omor Ekushey Book Fair is a remarkable month-long event that takes place every February in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The book fair sees huge gathering of both readers and writers as well as give a common platform for readers to meet their favorite writers. It attracts both the mainstream writers and new writers to publish new books. The month-long…

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‘Life on Fire’

Originally posted on GMB AKASH:
Now-a-days Beauty Begum (45) cannot remember anything. Even a few days ago she could remember everything, from her bazaar list to TV serial’s schedule. At present she is forgetting everything. In front of her eyes in the hospital bed lays the horrifically burnt body of her husband, Jamed (42). Somehow…

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