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AIS Journal is the online journal of Aminul Islam Sajib, a student from Dhaka, Bangladesh who also happens to be a well-known Technology Journalist and blogger in his field.

Besides writing for various technology blogs and publications, A.I. Sajib writes his personal stories, lessons and stories from life and everything in between here on AIS Journal. He also loves to photograph people. This site reflects his opinion, reporting, linkbacks to his other works, and his daily life in the form of letters and photographs.

To learn more about the man behind the scene check out the About page. Read the blog posts on Blog page by clicking here.

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Congrats Automattic for Bringing All Self-Hosted WordPress in a Central Location!


Let me start off by giving you a little bit of context. This blog, my personal blog, is hosted on WordPress.com; but for other features, I also run multiple WordPress sites on my servers. Those sites are known as self-hosted WordPress sites.

For many days, I’ve been looking into ways to combine all of my WordPress sites into one place so that I could post to all of them from a single location as well as manage plugin updates and other configurations. I bumped into a couple of services that provide this service. ManageWP and InfiniteWP being the best among them.

However, I couldn’t continue using either of those services because I ended up hitting limitations on my free plan. They sell a service, so it makes sense that they put limitations. I can’t remember exactly what those limitations were as it was a long time ago when I tried both MangeWP and InfiniteWP. Continue reading

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