Yes, blog connects, too!

9 thoughts on “Yes, blog connects, too!”

  1. Aw… this is cute!
    1. Too many times to count— I am somewhat paranoid. =D
    2. There is this friend, we used to get along really well. I have always been curious about how his life turned out. I don’t think I will write about him, though. I was young and I was kinda mean. Hahahaha!


  2. Yes. Sometimes it happens.
    Probably You have read some of my posts on Loverhood.
    One day suddenly i got a comment from One of my frineds who is a Student of RMC. I’s surprised! Cause i’s thinking to write my next post on One of her very close friends & Present classmates.

    “OMG! what i’s going to do!” i guess. Then i’ve decided to write posts by changing names. :D


    1. Hehe yea I remember your love diary. ;) Thought I haven’t read the other posts of the series after the first two as my exam was near and I became inactive and irregular to the internet.


      1. My facebook page, two reviews I wrote for a webpage and an account I have of Scholastic’s web… But my name is pretty common, so it is difficult to find many things about me xD


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