A Relationship at the edge of its Existence

15 thoughts on “A Relationship at the edge of its Existence”

  1. I just read a book that sort of emphasizes on being open about feelings. Unsaid feelings can make people in a relationship feel unwanted and unloved. Which is why her expressing her feelings can actually strengthen the relationship. If he didn’t like her he wouldn’t agree on getting back together. He’d move on for someone else.

    Your friend’s just giving him a second chance. There’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe she does like him very much.

    Or maybe she’s desperate to have a boyfriend. That’s quite common among girls.

    But, you really can’t predict if she’ll wind up sad. Maybe the guy also likes her. Which is why he agreed to get back together again. And people do say some really ugly things when they are angry. You can’t judge people when they are angry unless they are always angry.


    1. I have updated the post with a new paragraph that I missed when publishing the post. Read that. I don’t really think their relationship will go long.

      And he agreed on getting back together apparently because he still likes her. Well, I don’t argue that he doesn’t, but this could be either because he likes to talk to her or he isn’t looking for/hasn’t found any new girl yet. You know boys do that. None of them indicate that they are in true love. And he may not be always angry, but he is always suspicious; which works the same way it would if he was always angry.

      My friend, the girl, loves him too much and I am sure about it. I welcome it, but I also don’t like to cross the limit. Just read the third paragraph from the bottom and let me know your thoughts.

      In all situation, I wish they have a happy life together. After all, she is my best friend.


  2. There’s a popular expression in english for this: ‘boys will be boys’. Which means he is still a boy and he will act like that. The same way she is still young as well. Going in and out of relationships is natural when you’re young and immature. Let them be. Be more of a listener to your friend, don’t give much advice and especially don’t post it on your blog.

    Sajib, don’t waste your time writing about relationships, remember your blog is your image to the word. Choose wiser topics. Talk about what a journalist would write about. Write about something on the news or the discoveries, or curiosities about animals. Act like a journalist.

    My God, it’s very late here. Now I really have to log out! LOL

    Have a good weekend.


    1. I posted it because I thought it was something that could start a discussion. I don’t give much advices. I just observe how they are doing in their relationship and hope that they end up being together.

      Actually, this is a blog that knows no range of topics. I created it on 2008 to practice English writing. I want to be fluent in writing on any given topic. In fact, that’s why I write up whatever comes to my mind or whatever happens around me or whatever experience I have.

      By writing on this relationship topic, I’ve improved somehow about how to write fluently when describing someone’s relationship status. I know, this maybe of no use in my professional writing career. But you remember I said I want to have fluency to write on any given topic.

      As a bonus, you have edited my work which taught me many more things. So, you know, as long as you’re not niche-blogging, you can choose any topic to write about. That’s what makes a personal blog. (Yours is a niche-blog, which means you cover a specific topic.)


  3. I can totally relate with this one. The guys being too uptight, it’s not healthy for a relationship. You’re right that the girl may soon face another hard breakup because if the guy doesn’t change, then it still wont work.

    Guys like us should not be too uptight. Let’s give them at least trust. Not to be so suspicious at all. Remember, trust is very important in a relationship, if you don’t have one, then the relationship perhaps will falter.


  4. Wow, fascinating post though, I read every word, as I’m interested in the impacts that online has on real life. Thing is, I think both of them need to accept responsibility for the childish arguments and on-off breakup then makeup. You demonstrated perfectly that both are at fault, and I think you did everything that a good friend can do, advise but be very honest with her, so it’s good that you did that.


  5. This is how typical Bangladeshi relationships are nowadays, and even though I haven’t been through the exact same things, I recognize myself in certain situations. You should never show your weakness; that you can’t imagine a life without the other person; but most people happen to do it without realizing that they’re doing it. And most of the time the guy/girl is perfect at the beginning, but their true face comes out when it’s too late.

    Another thing is the trust matter. Some people can’t seem to understand that love without trust is like… a plant that doesn’t get watered. A relationship, whichever kind, cannot last without trust.

    Thanks for sharing this story :).


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