Honest Review: Banglalion WiMax, Trouble Begins Soon

41 thoughts on “Honest Review: Banglalion WiMax, Trouble Begins Soon”

  1. Trust me, skills of your blogging power wondered me. I think you write for you hobby, isn’t it?
    By the way, about the topic. We all know about our fault. We sold the license in biggest price. So they will not serve us in cheap. Beside of this, government is not keeping a look to them. We can get maximum 5 mbps for 35000 taka monthly. Will it possible for a single person of our country. Actually I think our government are not thinking so much about internet and technology. So how can we expect more than it from them.

    Off Topic: You are not regular now in Bangladeshi blogs or forum. But it is important for me to contact with you about my personal matter. Is there any way to contact with you by internet (Face to face will not possible for me) if you don’t mind?
    At last – I can’t write English well. I think I am very weak in this. Hope you understand.

    1. We are out of our luck. The government doesn’t care about this at all. Everyone seeks their own interest. You can find out more of such stories here.

      I have emailed you so that you can reply. You can always use Contact form to send an email to me. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I agree with that, QUBEE Customer & other services are very good. But, its poor on network coverage. I used it’s USB kit in Banasree. No network! Even in Gulshan 1 it falls its connection for several times! thats why I returned that device having no way without it! but, now I’m using Banglalion Prepaid with dongle here in my home at Banasree! I’m still satisfied with its dl speed of 60-80kbps and its constant! dont know what will happen later………..

  3. ha dont listen to anyone here try banglalion urself its the fastest in bangladesh but ony its coverage is in dhaka and some other place if u want to buy then check the coverage from the banglalion site and then buy it even 512 kbps is too good that even my youtube videos dont buffer

    1. You, dude, even didn’t bother to check out the outgoing link I’ve attached in the post which has real experiences from real Banglalion users who have been using Banglalion in their home and now regretting their money. Don’t worry; your time will come if you’re an unlimited plan-user. And take some time to read what others have to say before implying anything. You are free to express your own view, though.

      don’t listen to anyone here… huh! crap! I can see how much knowledge you have about it when you said its coverage is in dhaka and some other place while it has actually reached seven cities (let alone its service, at least its network is available).

    2. some people are always stupid dogmatic. I’m honestly saying you are one of them. Everyone is expressing their experience moderately and knowledgeably otherwise I would say something in Bangla style for you. Just a little- you are a ‘Dalal’ of banglalion.

      1. I can see the stupidity level of yours. A dalal of Banglalion will never talk against Banglalion. And this is my personal blog. If I were to talk on behalf of any company, I’d go to somewhere public, not in my digital diary.

        Stop being a stupid here.

  4. Banglalion truly sucks!! Their coverage map shows more than what it really is. Though I’m inside their e coverage area I have to sit beside my window for a constant connectivity. When I’m 10 feet away from the window it disconnects 8-10times per hour.

  5. hello guys,if u want to have something good than u must pay something good.yes banglalion sucks but they give cheapest service.and its not the providers, its our gov who doesnt let they provide us better service.wait and see . i hope both of the wimax providers will give better service in near future.
    and yes unlimited banglalion sucks.banglalion is not good if u r a serious downloader.but its good for online gamers. and its download is constant.i use banglalion from tongi. they dont have coverage here.i only get 8 dbm.

  6. oh, forgot to tell u that, there r only 2 differences between banglalion and qubee. qubee got nice customer care policy and banglalion not.qubee doesnt have anything called unlimited.

  7. Ustaad bro:

    Would you please let me know which area of Tongi U have received the whatever 8dbm?

    I m from Cheragali,Tongi and resident of far from the main road. Location is somewhat nearly ashulia bridge.

  8. Iqbal. bro. i live in collegegate. and i live on 5th floor of the building. when my modem is near window its 8dbm. but when its little far from window then it’s 9-11 dbm. u have to find the suitable position .A little work to do here.
    u need to set ‘ obtain id automatically ‘ if u have used broadband internet before.

  9. I noticed its speed rising up to 40-50 KBPS and then suddenly falling down to 15-20 KBPS; which was not so pleasing.——- how can u check that out? i want to know the procedure ,will u plz tell that bro? i use speed test meter but i think u use something that constantly provide you the result of speed automatically,ri8?

    1. There are definitely some kind of tool to see constant speed automatically, but I don’t use any of them. Therefore I cannot suggest you any tool. Sorry for that.

  10. haha why are ya so pissed with banglalion, i use the 512k unlimited package and its pretty good, at least i get constant 64KBps download and about the fair usage policy, I don’t know why i haven’t seen any kinda restriction on my usage, i have already downloaded over 20gb this month and my internet is fine, no disconnection or bandwidth restriction, lol its weird how the service differs from one user to others

  11. I haven’t used Banglalion yet that’s why can’t comment on that. But I have used qubee 1 mbps so called sky (should use a slang here) for 4 months and now feeling like going to an anger management course. Why? Because I’ve been lietraly deceived by Qubee. When they first came to sell at my house I asked clearly about the fair usage policy of the SKY package and the guy replied that “it’s no big deal just don’t download continiously for 72 hours”. I was really happy and thought finally thats the kind of connection I’ve been looking for. But after two months suddenly my download speed decreased to 30 Kbps. At first I thought my be due to the weather. Then I raised a complain through their web self care and after awhile I found out that the complain has been deleted. Then I got really angry and called the so called helpline (actually it’s the Customer Abusing Line), and find out that I’m under their fair usage policy. I asked “How come? As I havent downloaded continiously more than six hours even”. They replied that their “So called Management” have taken new decision and changed the Fair Usage Policy. The operator of the call center couldn’t answer a single question and everytime their answer was ” I have passed your issue to the concerned department and they’ll take the decision”. Then at the end of the day a guy called me up from qubee and said that as per their “management decision” they won’t be able to offer me any SKY packages and if I want to stay with qubee I’ll have to migrate to a limited package. Then I got really furious as I felt really really insulted. I politely requested the guy to send these information through email. But the guy said it’s not possible and then I uttered the magic words ” ok I’ve recorded this conversation in my phone, we’ll meet in court soon”, and it worked after two days they emailed me the whole story about their new fair usage policy in written.The darkest part revealed. In 1Mbps sky you are allowed to download maximum 35 gigs. and it’s not the end. The harassment is still continued. I just shared with you part one and I’m already tired and angry. I’m not gonna bore you anymore. Just requesting you that “don’t go for those pretty young faces at qubee point, or don’t get flattered by their HOW MAY I HELP YOU kind fake service’. They really don’t care about you and your money. They are here to rob you. These are pirates who choose two poor problematic countries (Bangladesh & Pakistan) to continue looting. Be Aware. By the way if you guys want the pdf copy of their fair usage policy and the communication between me vs qubee please sent a request to nafiz.alam@gmail.com. I’ll be deligeted to share. The story is still continued and I promise I’ll reveal more of their darkest part through youtube , facebook and blogs. And I’m damn serious. Just watch out. It’s not about just money, It’s about your self worth. After finishing this post I’m going to buy a Banglalion connection. I know that it may or may not be better than qubee. But to hell with qubee and to those who abuses their customers. Allah Hafez

  12. ABout overlooking the usages:

    A friend of mine told me that he downloads constantly and up to 30 GB per month plus he never faced slowdowns, etc.
    Other friends who use Qubee or BLion are really pissed of the new fair usages policies because they face problems.
    I think, it is possible that some users are never under slowdowns for some reasons. But most people are experiencing the Unfair Usages Policy and it giving them real hard time, no doubt.

  13. Hey buddy, i just recently bought Banglalion too… initially i had these same prob as u did… i sometimes have a download speed of 15-20kBps during 7pm to 11pm but other thn tht i get a good speed…. i hav 512Kbps though!

    But the thing is why the hell did you choose 256Kbps for 1150tk whn u can get 12GB of 512Kbps for 1100tk…
    But im happy wid my connection till now…. and don’t compare wid Qubee, you could if they would offer us same price for every packages. Banglalion isn’t as bad as u said….
    so those who can spend a bit extra bucks, go for Qubee, you’ll get a bit good connection… and those who cant afford or students like me who have to pay the bill from their own… go for Balglalion and watch Qubee user getting a better speed.

  14. To Sajib bro…ASSALAMU-ALAIKUM
    I m glad that you shared your experience with “Banglalion”. To tell you the truth the month of December,2010 was the worst month of that year as I am also a Banglalion user and I faced the problem of network disconnection,later fixed but I received half the speed(I thought that I was fooled completely). But now from January,2011 I am receiving a good Internet speed. I still use the lion starter 128kbps but am now getting 19/20 KBps as my average speed. I m satisfied. The fair usage policy is not bothering me at all. No disconnection and no speed decrease from 130kbps/16KBps. For me, as I am new to the IT world and I like to study about things on the Internet, I am really fearing an unsought danger from these WiMAX cheaters(Banglalion and Qubee(like what Nafiz bro has said)). The local ISPs provide even more problems than these WiMAX cheaters(no offence to any ISPs but offence to the “WiMAX Robbers”). So will my life of learning about IT not progress due to all of these problematic people/companies???can anyone here provide me a permanent solution to the Internet problem of our country so that I can get atleast Unlimited Internet of a minimum speed at/more than 16KBps(except for mobile Internet as they are not unlimited)….and ASSALAMU-ALAIKUM to all ….

    1. No, as long as you’re in Bangladesh, there is no foolproof solution to Internet connectivity. BTRC may be a solution, but I’m not sure about that. I’ve given up on Banglalion and waiting for a BTCL broadband at my home.

    I would like to use the operating system Ubuntu(of LINUX). Banglalion modems are not even detected by this operating system. Can everyone reading this please name a Internet that can be used in Ubuntu?

    1. Banglalion/Qubee ethernet modem will work on Ubuntu. All kinds of broadband that ports in to the ethernet will work. Apart from those, GP modem and Zoom Ultra modems also work on Ubuntu.

  16. I am a user of “banglalion wimax 256 unlimited” package.
    Banglalion doubled the speed to 512 and I was pretty happy with that.
    But unfortunately on 2011-11-12 the speed was throttled down to 256 ………. “¬!”£$%^&*()”
    Now we’re really pissed.
    What they are doing now is clearly cheating.
    We, the “banglalion wimax 256 unlimited” package users are the ones who uses the service form the very beginning of the formation of their company “banglalion”.
    And yet, they repay us thus !!!
    I am fed up at these type of ****ing ISPs, first “qubee” for their FUP[actually UFUP] and now “banglalion” for this.
    Who knows when we’ll get good, reliable and affordable Internet Service in this country.
    I called the customer care [banglalion] They replied “It was a bonus for the 256unlimited package that the speed was 512, and now they are revoking that bonus” My guess is that, they are trying to siphon this bandwidth to add new customer, without buying extra bandwidth from BTTB. Which is so pathetic, because they are going to loose so many dedicated customer that they already have; the new head count will be negligible. And they are forgetting one thing, “Road to downfall is easy rather than road to success”.

  17. Hi, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and
    i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam remarks?
    If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything
    you can suggest? I get so much lately it’s driving me mad so any assistance is very much appreciated.

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