Google Introduces Gmail Motion – Control Email with your Body!

Google has always been the company that thinks out of the box and comes up with innovative ideas and technology. What I’m talking about today is no different. Google has lately introduced a new way to control your Gmail interface with your body! No matter how weird it sounds, it is there!


gmail motion

The service is still in BETA.

The page of Gmail Motion reads:

The mouse and keyboard were invented before the Internet even existed. Since then, countless technological advancements have allowed for much more efficient human computer interaction. Why then do we continue to use outdated technology? Introducing Gmail Motion — now you can control Gmail with your body.

gmail motion

Gmail Motion’s page also provides a complete guide of motions that you can use to control your Gmail. Not only that, Google has noted that the service will soon be rolled out to Google Docs as well!

Interested in trying out Gmail Motion? Click here to go to the Gmail Motion page and then click the big blue button that reads Try Gmail Motion. Soon you’ll be entered into the world of Gmail Motion that brings tomorrow’s technology today! :cool:


Angry at Google? :D

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