When the speed is 1 mbps

17 thoughts on “When the speed is 1 mbps”

    1. QUBEE is a great service.

      By the way, are you from Bangladesh? I mean, the URL you submitted along with your comment…I visited the site before and watched the music video a few weeks ago on Vimeo. Are you related to that?


      1. Hey Sajib,
        I am from Bangladesh. The name is Bond, James Bond! HA HA! Adnan Firdous! Remember me! I am currently promoting this website and the video on behalf of Nick (Owner of Bollybrook and the director of this music video). Just trying to get another backlink :p


  1. We have the same average speed – at dawn: 70-120kbps; at day: 20-40kbps. I don’t know if it’s an issue for an average consumer. Well, when internet was just new we only have atleast 20kbps, so having it doubled/tripled is already a wow.

    What do you use internet for, anyway?


    1. What do we use internet for? Are you kidding? Everything is done on the Internet. From sending emails to writing articles. From researching to connecting with friends. From blogging to stock marketing. Almost each and everything except for e-commerce. We are not that much into e-commerce yet.


            1. I knew it. That’s exactly why you still have no idea how terribly we have been suffering.

              kbps (in small letters) refers to kilobits per second while kBps (B in capital letter) refers to kilobytes per second. So, 120 kbps means 15 kilobytes per second.

              Divide the kbps with 8 (8bit = 1 byte) and you’ll get the speed in kilobytes per second.

              Assuming that not everyone understands much of the technical terms, I’m now adding an extra line in the post describing the differences. Now tell me what do you think about our speed?


  2. Oh my! Now I understand what you were talking about :O I was talking to my dad about this last night, and we couldn’t really see your problem. As we thought you had more or less the same Internet speed than here (which is OK for me), we believed in Bangladesh, the problem with the Internet was that there were too many users (because of overpopulation) for that power, and that’s what was making it slower. But I had the same confusion with the kilobytes as Ben :/


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