100th Post: Post Mortem of my SSC Result

19 thoughts on “100th Post: Post Mortem of my SSC Result”

    1. I believe I didn’t write that I wouldn’t get into college. It’s not about two B’s, actually. It’s about grade point average. There are so many GPA 5’s that 4.44 is a little low. And good colleges have their individual minimum requirements; there is no test for admission. However, I’m yet to find out what are the minimum GPA requirements this year. Then I’ll see if I can get into a good college or not. :(

      Thank you for your comment.


  1. If I’m not mistaken those subjects are the subjects you learned at your high school? Or was it just for that exam? Countries really have different education system.

    I think you’ll do good in college and college is fun. From my first year in college, which is last year, I have the leisure of having sleepless nights because of projects, requirements, reports and assignments. But I think you’ll do good :)

    PS: I love college because it introduced me to the very thing I love now and forever will be: reading.


    1. These are the subjects I studied in class 9 and 10 from the commerce group. Except that Computer Studies, all other subjects are compulsory for commerce group.

      Hope to get into a good college. I’m really tensed about it.


  2. In my country, A is a very good grade. It sounds like you did pretty well to me.Over here I don’t think you’d have trouble getting into a very good college with those grades. You know your strong areas Sajib, and in college that’s where you will focus.


    1. Over here, there are tremendous number of A+ from the group of science. To get admitted into a college in commerce, requirements are not exactly A+, but they require higher. No college has declared anything yet, let’s see what happens.

      Plus, like Ben above said that different countries have different education system, I don’t have much of a choice. No matter which college I get into, I’ll be studying the same mandatory subjects. So, strong areas will come useful when my college is over and I go to a University. That’s how things work here in Bangladesh.


  3. Congratulations and best of luck in the future :)! I just LOVED this: “Computers don’t have much to do with gravity unless they fall down from the desk.” It’s hilarious :lol:!


  4. A-vai ai boyosei ato bolog/i mean blog lekhar somoy r interest pau koi. Is it only for personal interest or something business; as you’re from commerce. Anyway don’t worry about your result just keep faith in ALMIGHTY;GOOD LUCK:-)


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