Music: Right Now Na Na

13 thoughts on “Music: Right Now Na Na”

  1. I love this song. super dope..I see you do #MusicMonday that’s so awesome. I do #MoneyMonday lol. But keep it up, music is life. I was thinking of doing #MusicTuesday in which @Youtube has also. Anyways I love this song.


    1. Mine, too, as you already know. But I don’t like the video that much though. You know, when he’s missing his ex, how is he spending time with a new girl? Doesn’t make much sense to me, actually :-?


        1. I agree. When a gap is created for a certain person, it can only be filled with that person. Otherwise it will always remain a gap. Trying to fill it with other people goes in vain.


  2. Its a tough life this love thing… my advice would be to anyone… dont do it.. never fall in love.. it’s so not worth it…

    hey come by and sign my guestbook … i just put it up last night.. :P


    1. You’re right. Unless everything goes right with the person you’re in love, everything in your life will go wrong.

      Now off to checking out your guest book. :P


    1. First thing, I don’t have a good picture to post there. I in fact search my hard drives but there was not a single good picture. The one I’m using is good for avatar, not a big portrait suitable for the guestbook. But don’t worry, I left my sign there. :)


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