The Concert Experience

11 thoughts on “The Concert Experience”

    1. I love that too. Especially when everyone sings together and when everyone shakes their head with rock or metal :P That’s a good experience unless you get a headache later. ;)


  1. I noticed you mention about ‘Ancient Times’ regarding your age, I wonder did I once see you on the shores of Spain back in the year 1448? I only mention this as I have been around since 1420 and I guess one would relate that span of time with being a tad ancient, but then again eccentricity is sometimes associated with fantasy and not strange as it is often described, of course this comment could simply be an optical illusion and not even here… just kidding Sajib.

    Seriously though, I think that you rather enjoyed your experience but in the same token it was also a little lacklustre, maybe next time you will be buying your own ticket and looking forward to the performance, in this instance the ticket was a gift and so the excitement not entirely the same as if you had chosen the setting yourself, and of course by doing so it would have generated a much higher interest, especially if it was a Band that you really wanted to see.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us my friend…



    1. Oh god! You totally ate me with the beginning of your comment. :-o

      I did enjoy, but not as much as I should have. That’s not really because the tickets were free of cost. In fact, if I had to buy the tickets, I wouldn’t have bought simply because I wasn’t in a mood of going to a concert. I just got it out of the blue and didn’t want to waste it. That’s all. But that doesn’t necessary tell that I’m not interested in concerts. I love it. But what I dislike about most concerts is that you have to keep standing all the time. In this Qubee Junction, we had seats. That’s the best part.

      Thanks for your serious comment. ;)


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