Why do you fear?

11 thoughts on “Why do you fear?”

  1. The simplistic answer to this one is that I hath never asked myself this question because I do not fear all of the above, indeed I rather like this atmosphere, the darkness and the ghostly happenings that frequent the graveyard…

    Come with me one of these nights and we will walk amongst the tombstones, feel the trepidation and the pulsing of blood through thy veins, the howl of the distant wolf, the owl and the rustling of the trees, the mist forming upon the ground and the screams of banshees and blood curdling visions that haunt thy innermost feelings, the horrors that create disturbances within thy psyche and the trembling of thy hand as thy last candle extinguishes leaving thee alone in the darkness where only the brutal and sadistic Vampires feed.

    By the way – Fear is not an option Sajib

    Of course on the flip side of the coin we could just seize a nice hot curry (not too hot for me you understand… lol) and just enjoy reading the many, many comments that this most excellent posting of yours will generate… Have a wondrously scary and frightenigly excellent Thursday, hopefull without any of those Zombies, Ghosts, Ghouls, Werewolves and Vampires turning up after midnight :) lol



    1. Thanks for your comment. I know that there are always people who would never fear. Maybe those people — including you :P — themselves are supernatural. :P :P


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