Super Hybrid (2010)

11 thoughts on “Super Hybrid (2010)”

  1. This one reminds me of the film
    called ‘Christine’, not exactly the
    same theme but equally as…

    …Bloody Orientated…

    Well I haven’t seen Hybrid and so
    I am assuming from the graphic that
    it was a blood thirsty viewing?

    Thank you for offering your slant on
    this film my friend and do have a good
    rest of day, and evening…



    1. There is almost no blood seen throughout the movie. There perhaps are scenes with blood, but I can’t remember any. It’s a PG-13 movie; no graphic violence seen.

      The most graphic violent seen and oceans of blood is seen in the SAW franchise!


      1. I should have Googled this film title,
        and then I would have been better informed…

        Have a great Sunday evening Sajib



  2. Watching it now, seems pretty good. a recognisable face from The Mummy and unique story (except the killer car Christine, which just ran people over if i remember correctly)

    So far 6./10 as stated


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