150 Google+ Invitations for Ladies :D

17 thoughts on “150 Google+ Invitations for Ladies :D”

    1. Thanks for your interest, please check your hotmail.se inbox. An email containing the invitation to join Google+ must have arrived. Make sure you follow me back on Google+ when you’re inside (not mandatory, though ;) ).

      I’d appreciate it if you’d at least let me know whether you succeeded to join because I heard Google has temporarily suspended joining in through invitations on grounds of being over capacity.

    1. It’s in your WordPress dashboard. Go down to Settings > Sharing option to set the style you like. You can also choose star ratings if you like.

  1. I would so love to get an invite, If you can help me please that would be great. Thank you so much and have a great day. :)

  2. Hi Sajib,

    I was fortunate to get one of the early Google + invites (and I’m a girl too :) )
    I’ve gone ahead and added you to my circles.

    PS Do you have a special circle just for girls :)

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