My First Avatar, My First Step on WordPress

I’m back with a nostalgic post after a long time, disappointed to see I was not missed. :|

Most of you will instantly recognize the photo I’ve attached above. It’s one of the four sample photos included with every Windows XP installation. If you haven’t deleted, and if you’re on XP right now, you can still find this on My Documents > My Pictures > Sample Pictures. If the shortcut is deleted, the file is still found at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Pictures\Sample Pictures location. It’s title is sunset, and it’s undoubtedly a beautiful image.

A few days ago, I found the first email I received from You got it right, the confirmation email that was sent right after I registered. I recalled that it was 2008, but I didn’t know the exact date. Now I do. It’s…

click to enlarge

So you see the date of registration. Back in 2008, I wasn’t really sure what to blog about in English. I had two years of blogging experience in Bangla, and I could easily find out  a topic to write about. But writing in English was a big challenge for me. It still is, but I am more comfortable now. Anyway, the reason I started out an English blog was that I wanted my voice to be heard all over the world. I knew that the world will not fall into my blog to see what I’m writing. But writing in English was more like making it possible for everyone to listen to what I have to say. This used to make me quite excited. Thus I registered.

If you take a look at my archive, you wouldn’t believe that I’ve been blogging [in English] since 2008 because there are no posts dated back to that time. The reason is stupid. I started over a couple of times which means I deleted all the posts and started anew. So, all the previous posts were deleted.

Now let’s come back to the beautiful and one of the most common photos I’ve attached in this post. As my avatar (which is now called gravatar), I now use a portrait of mine. Back when I registered, I had no computer of my own. I used to blog, check emails, send writings to newspaper from public computer cafes. It was costly, painful and difficult. From one of those computers I uploaded this “sunset” photo and cropped to the middle of the photo before finally saving as my avatar. That photo existed for a long time on my gravatar account (linked with my primary gmail address). I deleted it some months ago.

So, that was my first avatar. And with this, I just remembered that I registered on and started my journey in English blogging from 25th January, 2008.

Want to see how looked back in those days? Check out this post’s screenshots.

Do you recall when you signed up for and started blogging for the first time?

14 thoughts on “My First Avatar, My First Step on WordPress

    • Blogging is fun. Although sometime it gets lonely and boring when you don’t get as many comments/responses as you expect. But if the desire to blog comes from within, you will be able to keep it up. Best of luck with that. :)


  1. You’ve come a long way Sajib. Glad you can blog from your own computer now. I started blogging in February 2010. I did 6 posts for the month and had 145 views, in part because I pestered people i knew to please read my blog!


  2. “Back when I registered, I had no computer of my own. I used to blog, check emails, send writings to newspaper from public computer cafes.”

    I never knew you had a rough wordpress days. That is really tiring going to public computer cafes back and forth and also the environment, sometimes it is dusty and sometimes its noisy. Good thing you can blog now at home.


    • Not only tiring, lot more problems. First I had to save money to spend on those cafes, then those computers were full of malwares and viruses, and not to mention awfully slow. Yes I had rough days.


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