If Zombie Apocalypse Takes Place

20 thoughts on “If Zombie Apocalypse Takes Place”

  1. Always befuzzled me zombie films. I have my plan set up in case of an invasion. Grab gun, cricket bat and run to the nearest coast, jump on boat. On the way of you can pick up seeds and soil then you can set up your own fresh food garden on the boat. Sail until you find uninhabited island. Invent a way to make coconut beer. Sorted.


    1. Coincidentally, I have been downloading The Walking Dead series 1 for past few days via torrent. :D I came to know about this from its director’s IMDb page. I started downloading it because three of the same director’s other movies include The Mist, The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption, which are breathtaking movies. So I readily knew The Walking Dead had to be great.

      Now off to reading your post.

      Well they actually meant block the staircase so that infected people can’t go up. :)


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