I Never Used an Apple Product, I Still Mourn Steve’s Death, Here’s why

28 thoughts on “I Never Used an Apple Product, I Still Mourn Steve’s Death, Here’s why”

  1. An amazing post and beautiful tribute to a truly amazing guy. He really has made a difference in his life and will always be remembered for it.

    Was deeply saddened to hear about his death this morning. My niece is a huge fan and was gutted about him stepping down from apple. She is only 13 and even she raves about him.

    R.I.P his legacy will always live on.


  2. Yes, his vision has changed the world in which we live in. His simple understanding of a problem and applying simple solutions to improve make him a legend. It is a shame he has to go so soon and at a young age. But you are right, his work will continue and no doubt will inspire the next ‘Steve Jobs’ to change the world once again.

    Good post


  3. Like you, I don’t own any apple products but I did realize how apple products change the computer industry. Its like apple is the teacher and all the other students are just the students.

    PS: I just want to add that tablet devices have been invented around 80’s, I think ,but it didn’t pursue because people was reluctant. Steve Jobs relive the idea of tablets devices.


  4. I remember the moment of reading about Steve Jobs death vividly; it was as if a father-figure died. Almost cried.

    I’ve followed Steve Jobs chronology since knowing that following one’s passion is the only true way to live a life worth living.

    Beautiful post. We are brothers in mourning…


    1. Thanks for your comment. I’ve followed most of his keynotes whenever an Apple product was released. He was amazingly talented, incredibly creative and vividly inspiring.


  5. “I like Apple products but I have never used one…But I still mourn the death of Steve Jobs. Simply because he was an inspiration.” ~ I completely agree with you. I don’t own any Apple products, but I think that his passing is such a loss…he was a true inspiration to so many people, not just techies.

    Lovely post!


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