Facebook Timeline Cover Save Button Doesn’t Work for Thousands, But Facebook Doesn’t Give A Sh|t

Update: It appears another bug related to Facebook groups that require an admin approval for member posts to appear is bugging a lot of people. See my post here (and the related posts on the left.) No solution from Facebook even after it’s reported by many people, not just me. What can you expect?

How many people use Facebook? 650 million and counting. How much does Facebook earn? Much enough to make its founder the youngest billionaire in the world. But how much does Facebook value its users’ privacy and feedback? Let’s see.

Facebook’s latest controversial change in profile layout is named as Timeline which in a way reveals more private information in a rather ‘showcasing’ way. Many people have opted in and turned on Facebook Timeline feature mostly because they loved the big 720 pixels cover photo. Many others just wanted to give it a try but couldn’t revert back to old profile layout without using some third-party browser extensions. But there are numerous people who have been facing a problem in Facebook Timeline. It’s about the cover photo.

What’s The Problem?

This girl, my college friend’s sister, was asking me if Timeline could be deactivated. After a quick Googling, I assured her that there was no Facebook way to revert back to its old look. Then I asked why she wanted to revert. She told me that she couldn’t activate the timeline cover photo. I thought that it was because she didn’t have much idea about how the new layout works. It takes time for most people to get used to new layouts. So, I tried to walk her through. But it didn’t work. She kept saying it didn’t work until she finally wanted me to log in to her account and fix the problem.

I searched on Facebook help and saw that it was rather easy to add a cover photo to timeline. So, I agreed and logged in to her account. I followed the way described in Facebook help. Everything worked until I tried to save the changes. For some strange reason, Save Changes button didn’t work. After choosing the photo, it told me to drag the photo to reposition. I didn’t need to reposition because the photo was made by a timeline cover generator with exact width and height. I clicked Save Changes. The button’s opacity lowers (like it’s now working) but then goes back 100% without any message or something that it was saved. When I opened the timeline in a new tab, I saw no change was made. Cover photo wasn’t added.

facebook cover photo problem

While repeatedly clicking Save Changes button doesn’t work, the timeline in public shows a blank placeholder for the cover photo.

Then I started searching on Google to see what was wrong with Save Changes button. I stumbled upon a Yahoo Answers page with no solutions. There were lots of other pages came up when I searched. There were even Facebook community forums where people posted the problem about a week ago. People were saying that they opened multiple tickets on Facebook help and support but none of them were replied. And then there was this YouTube video that also showed up the problem. Guess what, it was posted on December 22nd.

If you spend some time with different search queries related to this cover photo save change button keyword, you’ll come up with not less than hundreds of people who are having the same issue. But Facebook isn’t giving a sh|t to anyone because the problem hasn’t made it to any major publishing house like Mashable or HuffPostTech.

So, what does that mean? Facebook seldom cares its users. For years, we know Facebook is more like opening up people’s personal life despite all those privacy settings. Now, I feel that it doesn’t even care what problem users are facing. They will only care when it gets huge attention from media.

See, it’s all about media. When media catches something, anybody is ready to give anything. But when it comes to end-users, who use the service for free, the company doesn’t care.

“Who the heck are you people? Keep opening tickets. We only read Mashable.”

Let’s see if we get some attention after this blog post (if WP helps).


As of now, it appears that the problem has been fixed for many people. It’s still a shame for Facebook authorities for not speaking out about the issue. Not even a simple apology for the inconvenience people faced.

Update 2

Oh snap! As it appears, four months later since this post was written, people are still complaining to have been facing the same grayed out Save button issue when changing cover photo for Facebook Timeline. Now I’m really surprised at this.

93 thoughts on “Facebook Timeline Cover Save Button Doesn’t Work for Thousands, But Facebook Doesn’t Give A Sh|t

  1. Thanks for posting this. I am one of the many people experiencing this bug with Facebook. I’ve been trying to post a cover pic since I switched over to Timeline before Christmas. What is most frustrating is the 100% lack of response from Facebook. I understand it’s a free program, but considering how many people use FB and how many other people are having this problem, the “wall of silence” is very disappointing. Like many I’ve submitted “bug reports” and not heard a peep back for going on 3 weeks now. Perhaps directing more attention to this deficiency will prompt someone to respond or correct it…

    • Thanks for posting this
      I am very unhappy with this new timeline I did not sign up for it but yet they desided to change it themselfs I am not able to use my share button at all also not able to do all the things I did on the Old Facebook I am thinking about closing my account That is how fed up I am with the new Timeline

    • Mine doesn’t even have a save button. It only has a “Drag to Reposition” button, but guess what. It doesn’t work either.

        • I Tried to change FB cover photo today on on Internet Explorer…it won’t change…tried to change FB cover on Google Chrome…it won’t change :(…i guess you get what you pay for…and FB is free…but this is some ol’ bullsh*t!!!

  2. i just got timeline Monday and still cant save my cover photo until today. Timeline really sucks and I can’t get my old profile back!

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  4. This is exactly the reason I only log into Facebook once in a while to keep in touch with people who insist on it being their main form of communication.

    It’s such a shame that it all boils down to the money for so many things in the world. Facebook is just one more.

    • Yup, it’s just business and all about money. Although it has become indispensable part of billion’s lives, the company doesn’t care much to take care of every bit of it.

  5. Nothing anyone suggests seems to work for me. I try the same things and any new information I see on the Facebook help site where only frustrated users like myself are reading and trying to fix the problem. I’m honestly shocked Facebook hasn’t fixed this problem. I’m also shocked the press isn’t jumping on this broken save button for their crowning glory ‘cover’ photo on timeline. After all, I can’t remember seeing Facebook fall on it’s face like this before. Mark is supposed to be surrounding himself with the best of the best…….NOT anymore!

    Thanks for writing the article above. Wish someone could find the solution. The ‘Cover’ photo was supposed to be easy and fun! HA!

  6. I am so dang frustrated about this situation..I have tried so many pictures, not one saves. I am wondering if my account is some kind of Beta with Timeline..the menus look different then my boyfriend. It would be nice if Facebook would make a statement about it.

  7. it’s ridiculous that with the amount of manpower they have behind the scenes, they (apparently) haven’t devoted any time to fixing this. aside from that, it’s fine if they at least acknowledge the issue and say they are working on it. but for them to be completely silent for this long is baffling. for a company whose entire purpose is to facilitate communication, they’re not doing a very good job of it themselves.

      • well, good news… it looks like the bug is fixed. i am able to save my cover photo now. many others are reporting the same results. i’m glad they fixed it, but i’m still unimpressed by their aloof attitude when it comes to customer upport.

        • I’ll have to check out again to make sure the bug was fixed for all facebook users. Even if it’s fixed, like you said, it’s still shame how they avoided to say anything, not even a sorry, to its users for facing inconvenience.

          Still people die at Facebook.

  8. A solution to this problem was just posted by someone online! I tried it and it worked for me:

    Under your status update area, click on the photo icon (as though you were going to post a pic) and then select “create photo album”. Title the album “Cover Photos” and then select a pic off your hard drive. It will appear in the cover photo area and drag to position. It should save. Once you do this you can then use the other features to choose Cover photos from your other albums.

    After almost a month, so glad this is solved! Thank you Scotty Denholm for posting this!
    -erganic AJ

    • Lucky for you that it worked. I tried this trick with her profile but it didn’t work for me. I uploaded a photo after naming a new album as Cover Photos but it still didn’t save as cover photo. Possibly another bug.

  9. Oh thank God, it’s not me… I read like 8 different pages about how to place the cover picture, but every single one of them said “…and then click safe”. And I couldn’t find that safe option ANYWHERE. I was going completely nuts: Apparently it was completely obvious where the safe button was except for me. But it appears I’m not the only one.
    I think I’m going to write an angry e-mail to their customer support desk.

  10. well I saved my cover photo for like 2 minutes and I even saw it in the cover space but then it disappeared??!!! why I have no idea…I kept on trying it saved the pictures..now I have the same picture saved in the album called cover but nothing in the cover area!!!

  11. I’m having a related problem in that when I’m trying to edit information on my Timeline it just takes me to a blank page, then when I open the Timeline page the changes haven’t been committed, and going ‘back’ takes me back to the original edit page, without any of the edits I’ve been adding. It’s happening about 70% of the time at the moment, so I can’t trust the editing functionality.

    • I thought, after some previous comments on this post, that the bug was fixed. It looks like the problem still persists. I wonder how come this does not catch Facebook’s attention.

  12. This is May 11th, 2012 and the problem still exists for me. Thought I was going crazy, why is that SAVE button grayed out? Now I see that I am simply overlooked with many others and that makes me feel better- NOT!! That movie about FB comes to mind and the arrogance of not having this fixed when it is THEY who are dictating a timeframe for this TIMELINE stuff. Time for Huffington Post to get invloved!!

    • I actually sent tip along with a link to this post and other resources where people complained about this issue. I sent tip to Huffington Post and Mashable. But none of them seem to be mentioning this.

  13. I can’t even see the “save button” until I scroll up and then scroll down again. The save button appears briefly and then disappears!!!! I tried saving it in a “cover photo” album…didn’t work. If you are posting that this feature is working for you after several failed attempts, please share with the rest of us what steps you took in getting it to work. Just saying it works now…doesn’t help the rest of us!!! Thanks!

    • Without doing anything further, it worked automatically. If you’re still having difficulties, please consider contacting Facebook support although I strongly believe they are not going to respond.

  14. I can’t reposition my photos when I add them to my page, this is really annoying… I press Save, but then I refresh the page I see no changes made…

    This only works on Firefox, as far as I know. It could work on Chrome, IE, Opera, etc. I haven’t tried it there. First off, go through the normal steps to change your cover photo. When you get to the Save button, make a second tab to any page, and click on it. Now, click back to the Facebook tab, and press the Save button, and it should work now. Hope that helps. I really hope Facebook makes a proper fix for this soon.

    • This fix worked for me, although oddly in IE but not Firefox. Seems like people are just going to have to try a variety of things ’til they find the one that works for them, as the other fixes mentioned above didn’t work for me. Thanks for posting, Noah (and to the others who have posted what worked for them).

  16. Actually, it’s not a facebook issue, it’s a browser issue. If you use Firefox / Mozilla, it won’t safe, if you use I.E. it will

    • Then again it’s a Facebook issue. It’s developer’s code to make all functionality of a site work with all major browsers. At least, with the latest versions of the major browsers. If it doesn’t work on popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox, it’s Facebook’s fault and their issue.

  17. I have a page for my business. First it took hours to see how to turn on the timeline. Then on my business page I added a cover. Finally I see how to move the thing and want it on the top of the page, but after trying 3 browsers, forget it, it will not move at all. I wasted hours on this darn thing just to find out it is a bug and they are not fixing it.

  18. I did not have a button ”save changes”. I had 3 photos on my timeline. i deleted 1 and then i was able to save my new photo

  19. i tried deleting a pic on my timeline and nothing, but when i add the pic as a photo on my page, then added to my cover from there instead of uploading it from my computer, it worked.

    • No matter what I do (and I’ve tried every idea posted here), there is no SAVE button to be found anywhere for a cover photo. Pathetic…

  20. Whoa, wait. I’ve just done something!!!! Okay, so I reloaded the page and the save changes button came up! I have safari on my mac, so if it might work for those who have that. Definitely didn’t think that would be solved so quickly. That was obnoxious though.

  21. oh facebook, how I hate that I am so dependent on you and am totally stuck when you break. So I had this cover photo problem and tried to change my cover photo on safari and explorer with no luck. I then tried Firefox and it worked….. phew! haha

  22. hey guys, i received the same problem! all you have to do is refresh your page & the button should be there. I just did it on my MacBook!

  23. I finally got mine to work. I uploaded a pic for the cover. Then went into settings to see what might be the problem, Saw nothing there to help, then went back out and the Save Changes button was ther

  24. Same problem with me …..I just left chrome and went to internet explorer and there was the save button. I have my photo. Thanks guys.

  25. This still doesn’t work. I tried using different browsers, uploading a photo, using a photo from my album, disabling HTTPS. NOTHING WORKS! Facebook staff are asshats!

  26. I have a similar problem with the location of my photos.

    If I do it straight away after I uploaded it, it’s not a problem, but I have 2 or 3 older albums of my travels, I would like to save the locations on the map in Facebook, takes me some minutes to do so, and after I am finished, I click “done” (there is no save button or anything else, just done or cancel), go to map, and see the pictures on the map, I open the next album, or do something else, go back to the map, the location of the pictures is gone…

    really annoing..

  27. I have tried In IE , Google Chrome, standing on head, I have save button and pushed it 100’s of times, uploaded from photos, logged out,….everything. I can NOT upload cover pic. Strangely I have done it before but can’t now! Is it windows 8 issue?

  28. I’m launching a new business soon but can’t add/save a cover photo or even change my profile pic on my facebook business page. Tried multiple browsers and computers.. nothing. I was going to advertise on Facebook but why would I if my page looks incomplete? I’m embarrassed to even invite people to like my page. It’s August 2013 and this problem still exists for people, wow.

    • Facebook Pages app released an update this week. You can now edit/add a cover photo within the app (I have it for iPhone). I was hopeful this might allow me to add a cover photo to my business page, however it did not — it came up with an error saying: “Can’t Change Cover Photo. Sorry, there was an a problem uploading your cover photo. Please try again.”

    • I have the exact same problem, It is incredibly humiliating to be treated this way, when us as entrepreneurs are trying our hardest to make a successful business venture but being let down by inferior technology and… to be blunt piss-poor customer care.

      Unfortunately the change browsers, log out/log in, sacrificing a virgin still does not work.

      I wish you all the best with your business venture!


    Hi everyone,

    I read this post a while ago in an attempt to find a solution to this issue after trying for hours. Fortunately I just found out what was the problem, and it’s very simple:

    The problem was that I was trying to change my fan page cover while using Facebook as the administrator. Once I chose my fan page name in the “use Facebook as:” menu (click the button next to ‘Home’ at the top bar), everything went smoothly. So give it a try and let us know if it was successful : )

  30. I found another work around. I have two pages, one worked, the other didnt. I switch my primary page for my secondary because the option still worked on the primary page. The broken page now worked. I uploaded a cover photo, then switched back to my regular page. I hope they fix it soon, I dont wont this to become “the way to do it.”

  31. I have the same problem with a missing save button, but this is on my facebook business page where I am trying to setting up and develop my own photography business. Yeah unable to efficiently advertise is making me look a total amateur and is costing me dearly. I think the guys at Facebook seriously need to start taking lessons in customer care. May switch to another social medium entirely as they are evidently completely unfazed by their customers problems…

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