14 Year Old But Still Virgin

22 thoughts on “14 Year Old But Still Virgin”

  1. This could spawn a whole blog entry from me, but to get straight to the point… I remember being in her position. The worst thing is that I remember making the wrong decision. And I remember becoming the bad friend. I became the bad influence that had pressured me as I pressured others. It’s such a sad cycle. I often wonder what life would have been like for not only me, but the people around me had I made better decisions in my youth.

    From what I have experienced and what I have seen/heard… losing virginity at 14 is becoming very commonplace. It’s very sad. It’s all media driven… but that’s a rant for another day. I hope your young friend goes on to make the right decisions.


    1. Yup, losing virginity at such little age has become common these days. And I’m wondering if I should stop wondering when I come to know that a 14-year-old is upset for still being a virgin.

      The world is too fast, I can’t keep pace, apparently.


  2. Unfortunately, this is what happens amongst the youth. They start to have sex younger and younger. Though, I am hardly surprised seeing all the sexual activity of the rich and famous all over the TV and internet 24/7. They are exposed to it at a young age. Which means that good partenting and protecting you child is important. Not a trend that is showing recent years. The opposite is true.

    I am only ten years older than the girl you spoke to, but for sure my generation didn’t have sex at the age of 14. When you think of it, this change is going on rapidly and that is worrying. More importantly, at what age does it stop? At what point won’t allow their body to have sex at an even younger age? Let’s hope soon. Okay, I wasn’t a siant at that age either, but this? Way too much!

    So don’t become to think it is normal. If that would be our new state of mind, the world will be doomed. Litteraly.


    1. I think, from the perspective we are talking about, the world has already been doomed. It’s just the new generation that find “doomed” “kinda cool!” So yea, if you don’t think it’s normal, you’re old school. :|


  3. Its too much pain full to hear that today’s teenager girls are not aware about their virginity. Its vastly seen in the western country and also now our native India. No, doubt the girls are not alone responsible for it also the beast guys who just want …………….. :(

    But Thank you Sajib. U did a great job to suggest her the best for her.


  4. I think that it’s impossible to trust someone on a chat like that, unless of course you see her webcam. She showed you a picture, could be anyone. She told you she’s a 14 year old girl, could might as well be a 56 year old pervert… you get my point I suppose :P. Be careful :).


    1. I know that. That’s why I don’t share any information about myself on a stranger chat. However, the attitude of her didn’t make me feel like she was not a girl or she was just playing. Once I used to chat a lot (like 4-5 hours) so I gathered some idea how to spot if someone is who he’s pretending to be. You could be right. Maybe all of this was just an acting. But I think it wasn’t. And even if it was, you know the situation is somewhat real as you can see from some of the comments above.

      I wanted to focus on that more than my chat with her. :)


      1. Yeah well as long as you’re being careful and not revealing too much about yourself it’s probably fine. There is a movie regarding this issue… well kinda… “Trust”. Find the trailer and see if it interests you.


        1. Okay, I’ll keep the title in mind. I remember watching “Chatroom” where they show a really obsessed teen who can’t live without his group of chatroom buddies and how much he has become dependent on them despite the angry parents who don’t want him to go online. The ending is very sad and somewhat related to reality.


  5. I was 13, my first time (the girl was 14). In retrospect, it was too young. Especially since we didn’t use protection. I think my lucky stars everyday that she didn’t get pregnant. I can’t imagine how that would have affected my life (& hers and the baby’s, of course, but mostly I’m thinking about ME).


  6. You should check out this documentary: Catfish (2010)

    I haven’t watched it, despite having downloaded it. But the wikipedia entry on it must have put me off until later.


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