The Blank Moments

12 thoughts on “The Blank Moments”

      1. did you write MEDICATION instead of MEDITATION or are you thinking tanweer talked of medication?? i guess you must check…
        as far as meditation is concered i think it is the best way to manage feelings… as a practicer myself…
        sometimes i do feel blank… but its for moments time…


          1. i dont really know what makes you think so about meditation… meditation also could be done by simple concentrating on your breadth while travelling or just concentrating on your thoughts and let them come as they want!!! i enjoy doing it!!


  1. I’ve never labeled them as “blank” (though I’m stealing that from you and will from now on) or “days” (since they’re usually shorter attacks), but I suffer (?) from something very similar to what you describe here. But whereas you’re walking in a desert, I’m free falling through space. And while I can’t stand the fact that at some point I’ll hit the ground, I’m dying to simply get it over with. Make sense?

    I know, most likely not. But I did want to let you know that you’re not alone, because I know it made me feel better to find out that I’m not alone either – thanks for sharing!


    1. Falling through space sounds somewhat worse than what I feel. That makes me think you’re even worse situation. Sweet that your ‘attacks’ are shorter.

      What do you usually do at those blank falling-off-nothing moments? What makes you cheer up or recover from those unwanted moments? Do they usually end up with something bad?


  2. I can sympathise with you as I used to suffer from depressive moments like that a lot at your age. Over time, as you get older such times get less and become less destructive (so that you DON’T spend a day doing nothing). If they don’t then you may need medical help eventually (but I would try to find other methods of dealing with it first). Exercise as well as meditation is often suggested as a good way to get over it. Often just getting out and DOING makes all the difference – takes your mind of the ‘blankness’ you are feeling and often, by the time you are on your own and resting again, it all doesn’t seem so bad after all.
    Good luck with finding your way out of such feelings. I still, occasionally, feel a bit ‘blue’ but I don’t worry about such things and don’t let it control my life – even for a minute. But to appreciate the ‘ups’ we need to have the lows too. It shouldn’t be a bad thing :)


    1. I don’t get frustrated or worry about these blank moments, either. I was just wondering if it’s just me or there are other people who feel the same. More importantly, what others do during such blank, or in your words, blue moments. (Did you inherit ‘blue’ from Windows’ Blue Screen of Death? :P )


  3. I recognize something in what you just said. I have those days as well. though I am not experiencing them as blank days, but rather as days where I feel low, where a dark clouded mood grabs me and just takes control of that day. Though to get by, so I mostly sleep, game, blog and watch television as well. Without much significance.


    1. For me, watching movies help a lot, when blogging, gaming and practically sleeping gets boring as well.

      I wouldn’t describe those days as dark clouded, though, because that’s my favorite weather. When it’s cloudy outside, as if it’ll rain, I love it.


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