In Search of Evil Alarm System


Something evil to make sure I wake up on right time!

I often get annoyed when my mother calls me to wake up in the morning. But these days, I feel like what she does is something that even a couple of electronic devices can’t do. Let me explain.

It’s 2.58 am in the morning when I’m typing just this sentence. What do you think keeps me awake at this late? No, I don’t have any work for now neither did I just watch a movie. Not that I have trouble with sleeping which keeps me up. So, what is it?

I’m afraid to sleep. Fortunately, there is no ‘supernatural’ stuff that makes me afraid of going to sleep. It’s more earthly. I am afraid to go to sleep because everyday I miss the alarm and can’t go to the college.  I don’t understand why I don’t hear the alarms. I’ve set it to vibration mode so that it wakes me up. But no, except for Friday — the weekly holiday — I never hear the alarms.

So, what kind of evil alarm system am I looking for? I’m sure there are desktop software that will kill the sleep in a moment if set. I have a set of loud speakers that can really help me out. But I need to wake up at 4.30 in the morning. Loud speaker at that time? No freaking way. Everyone around the house will be up shouting at me. So, I need to look for alternative.

What kind of evil alarm system do you think will help me get up [way too] early in the morning?

11 thoughts on “In Search of Evil Alarm System

    • I think you missed the point. I don’t hear the alarm. Even when it’s beside my bed. My problem isn’t that I hear the alarm and turn it off. My problem is I totally don’t hear the alarm. :(


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