I Just Had the Scariest Nightmare

4 thoughts on “I Just Had the Scariest Nightmare”

  1. A psychoanalyst would have a wonderful time analysing THAT dream Bhai! I used to have a recurring dream that I had murdered someone and buried the body but forgotten that I had done it. I would wake up in cold sweat horrified that I could have done that and also scared that the police would soon find the corpse. I would take a few minutes before I would realise the whole thing had been a nightmare. I had it on and off for many years. I hope this nightmare of yours doesn’t do the same! :)


    1. I can totally understand how it feels. I often have such dreams which leave an impact on me even when I’m awake. It’s like my heart keeps beating fast and I’m terrified because of whatever happened in my nightmare. But murdering someone is the first time in this nightmare I had.


  2. Nightmares can be awful, especially recurring or the ones that cling to your mind even when you’re back to the land of consciousness. A very good book I read about the science of sleep was George Christos ‘Memory and Dreams’, it cuts out the superstitious waffle and cuts straight to the scientific theories behind the function fo sleep and the reaosn for dreams…..spurrious memories, synaptic links and impulses etc. It’s really a fascinating read you should try it :)


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