Maisha’s Timeline (From Birth to Present Day)

11 thoughts on “Maisha’s Timeline (From Birth to Present Day)”

        1. Ahh! You with that again! We spent half an hour chatting about this. :-?

          Grammatically speaking, a couple of does refer to 2, but not always, In casual (or general) speaking, “a couple of” actually refers to more than two. Even big publishing sites write like this. You can check out the discussion here. They clarify the fact that while it’s not entirely correct, often it does mean more than two.


          1. Are you mixing me up with somebody else :?? I don’t recall any memory of having such a discussion with you :?.

            Yeah well it might be… but it kind of depends on the context you know. If you say that your cousin was born “a couple of months ago”, but she actually is five months old, people will most probably get confused. You can say like “a couple of hours”, “a couple of people” or stuff like that and it won’t really be a big deal… but in this context… yeah you get my point maybe :P.


            1. Nope, I clearly remember it was you I had chat with on Google Talk. Anyway, you may be right. But I wrote the post in like 10 minutes so I didn’t really pay much attention to that. :P


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