Why I Deactivated Facebook on My Birthday

13 thoughts on “Why I Deactivated Facebook on My Birthday”

  1. hey happy birthday to da is my birthday!!!! lets clebrate ever y year online ok? i am american!!!!!! i love my parties!!! yeah!!!!!


  2. Ueh, I am so sad that it happened such way. Maybe we expect always so much from our Birthdays so if things dont go like we planned in our dreams, we don’t enjoy our birthday. What about your family? Is it not a custom to celebrate your birthday at least in home with family? I wish I was in Dhaka that day. But now I can only say that if next year I will be, I won’t let you to feel sad not even a single moment. :) Hugs!


    1. Well just like I said we don’t usually celebrate birthdays here like a party. Yeah I was given wishes and gifts too by my family members. But we didn’t invite anyone else like friends or relatives.

      This year I wanted to make a difference and be like everyone else just to have some fun time. This didn’t happen.

      Thanks for that. :) I really hope you’ll be in Dhaka next year and I’ll invite you again.


  3. First, happy birthday.
    Second, maybe you are being a bit demanding and this is impacting on your friendships? Maybe I’m just getting old but I would be happy to share my birthday with just one or two friends – even if ten were invited. But then I gave up wanting lots of friends years ago. My special close ones are good enough for me and this helps me be more relaxed about my expectations of everyone else.

    It is sad when friends don’t turn up to things, but I suspect you were being unrealistic about these girls. It is not easy for girls to get about in Bangladesh and they have a lot of pressure on them for how they are to behave. This can make them a little paranoid and not without good reason. Maybe you put a bit too much pressure on them?

    My experience with Facebook is that most acquaintances won’t wish you happy birthday unless they feel a bond with you. I have well over a 1000 friends but only 200 or so wished me happy birthday last month. I was delighted with each one – they were all by people I consider to be friends. Not one came from someone I thought “why did they send a greeting?”

    Perhaps next year you should keep your facebook up and running? You never know, you might have a happier birthday…


    1. Thanks, Ken.

      In fact, I never had friends worth throwing a party. This was the first time I had friends to invite. So, when they failed to attend, it hurt more than it should. But I’ve learned my lesson anyway.

      About the girls, I know they are under some family pressure and that’s why I talked continuously throughout the day to make the venue and time comfortable to the girls. Usually birthday parties are held at afternoon or evening, I timed at 11 am just so they could attend. The venue was near our college so transportation was good as well. What went wrong is that they became lonely. You see, they’d be bored if there were no other girls. Two girls among four guys, three of them unknown, it’s no gonna be comfortable. So, it was my bad luck. No pressure from any side.

      About the Facebook thing, well, compare to the number of friend I have on my list, I would get smaller greetings but almost all of them would be just some random guy. Birthdays are precious and you wanna see your friends and well-wishers greeting you on this occasion. I turned it off to see who really cares to send a personal message or email. Again, I might just not turn off Facebook next year.


  4. I can understand why you feel upset and sad. I had the same thing happen to me last weekend – I hadn’t had a birthday party with friends for years because I worry I don’t have enough friends & they wouldn’t enjoy themselves. This year I thought I would invite out my few good friends and 3 of them bailed on the day..I thought about cancelling because there wouldn’t be enough people but we all ended up having a really good evening with just a few of us. I still worried the next day that people had a good night but I always worry too much what people think and whether they enjoy themselves.

    It sounds like you are a ‘people pleaser’ and self conscious too. I was very hurt that 3 friends bailed on me because I was investing too much on them coming. I’ve bailed on people’s parties before so probably made others feel the same at times. Don’t cancel your celebrations if everyone doesn’t come. Just enjoy celebrating with friends who do make the effort to come.


    1. I did hold the party in the end but I’m not very sure whether you could call it party anymore.

      Thanks for sharing your story and commenting on my blog.


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