Days As They Go By [3]

8 thoughts on “Days As They Go By [3]”

  1. Heheee…. So now I know, Tanya makes you feel good, haha :D I think from the picture, I can relate to a star kind of a thing, is there a star? Anyways….:)


    1. How did you know I was talking to Tania when doodling this? :-o Oh, you’re at Tania’s place, right! :P

      Yeah there is a big star that actually looks awkward. I can do better. :P You can see that by the surrounding stars. The corners aren’t pixel-perfect as I wasn’t concentrating on this.

      And she makes me feel good, um, let me think, she’s kinda insistent, but yeah probably you’re right. :)


      1. It was nice to talk with you also yesterday. You have a very innocent and sweet voice and I think we did good, so thumbs up for me and u :)


        1. Aw, thank you! :) I don’t know if that sweet part is actually true :P but yeah I think we did good yesterday mostly because it was calm in both my side and your side. If either of us were in a noisy place, the conversation would have become more difficult.


    1. That’s same for a lot of other people. I do another interesting thing when listening to boring teachers’ lectures. I’ll post about that soon. You’ll be amazed. :D


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