Millions of Bengalis Mourn As One of the Most Popular Writer Humayun Ahmed Dies

21 thoughts on “Millions of Bengalis Mourn As One of the Most Popular Writer Humayun Ahmed Dies”

  1. My mom is his hardcore fan so I feel really sorry for her. I don’t really read Bangla books but I have read a couple or so of his books. I don’t remember what I thought of them exactly, but he’s such a huge personality that it doesn’t really matter – it feels surreal to me as well.


        1. Yeah, who else would? This post was more like a quick reaction on my personal blog while the other one is more formal or revised/edited for a wider audience.


  2. Great post, Sajib!

    I’ve read almost all of his books, and I still have one on my shelf that I didn’t read yet. He was an incredible writer, amazingly creative and original. One thing that always, always fascinated me was how his characters were so unique and eccentric, yet they were so easy to relate to!

    His family is truly phenomenal; three brothers-all best at what they do. The Bengali world will miss Himu; we’ll miss MIsir Ali and Shuvro. We’ll miss the characters, the books, and the natoks.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Ahmed.


    1. Truly. As a mystery lover, I’ll miss Misir Ali more than any other characters. Glad that there are still Misir Ali books that I haven’t read yet.


      1. My most favorite character is definitely Himu… Unfortunately, I read all the books on Himu, and watched all the natoks. Doesn’t hurt to read them again though :P
        There’s a natok where Musharraf Karim plays Himu; it’s just so great!


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