Facebook Thinks WordPress.com Maybe Unsafe

8 thoughts on “Facebook Thinks WordPress.com Maybe Unsafe”

  1. I think facebook is declining its own popularity and sometimes they play like evil. Ok, using a free social network does not mean that they have the power to play monopoly with the people sentiment. Poor facebook! I am also sick off their 3rd party contents. Total HECK!.


    1. Facebook is already last when it comes to user satisfaction according to a recent study (Google+ being the first). We can see why Facebook won’t be around a decade later or two.


          1. Well, of the two, I still prefer Facebook. In fact, I deleted my G+ account last month. I just didn’t get much interaction on it.

            I used to have my WordPress blog connected to my FB page, so that all new blog posts would automatically appear on my FB profile, but I disconnected that, because I figure it’s best to avoid the chances of getting hacked, but having different accounts connected. So it’s safer to just manually link to new posts on my FB profile.


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