Can’t Access Google Play from Bangladesh?

youtube blockedAll right guys! I know how it must be feeling when you seriously can’t access Google Play and download any app or game from there. I bet you’re aware that YouTube has been blocked by Bangladeshi government in protest of anti-islamic video uploaded to the network. But the block didn’t simply apply to to YouTube. Since YouTube has some close connection with other Google services, the problem has extended to a wide array of other services including Google Play, Google Drive, Google API, etc.

Now, I can’t exactly say which services are usable. Because from my Qubee right now, I cannot access Google Play. But a couple of hours earlier, I did access Google Play. But now I can’t. GrameenPhone internet users have been facing the same issue. While some users cannot access Google Play including Gmail and other Google services, some others report no issue. 

I’m a hardcore Google fan and use almost all of their products that are somehow useful to me. However, this thing is for sure that the problem is occurring because of the government blocking YouTube. When you log in to Gmail, keep an eye on the status bar and you’ll see that your login is being transferred from YouTube servers. I can’t explain the technical details because I don’t know. But it has got something to do with YouTube.

So, don’t worry if you can’t access Google Play from Bangladesh. It’s got nothing with your Internet settings or your device. As soon as the government unblocks YouTube, you will see the problem getting solved within moments.

And by the way, in case you didn’t know, you can visit YouTube, Google Drive and other sites normally by this trick described on another post of my blog.

63 thoughts on “Can’t Access Google Play from Bangladesh?

  1. I am so pissed off now :( For the past few days I’ve been having the same problem- and it’s even worse since I have an android phone :( I just hope the ban is uplifted soon. My phone is just a brick without access to google :(

  2. Why you should wait for government to open those sites?! Just use a vpn for android mobile or pc. Then you could browse all the blocked sites in no time! ;p … even you could browse the Google play store & download the apps! just follow the steps below on your android phone:

    Go to the ” wireless & networks ” .. then you will see “vpn setting” click on it … then click “add vpn” … that will open some options for you… choose the “add pptp vpn” …on the page give a vpn name as “superfreevpn” …. give the server name as ” ” …. check the encryption option … click the menu button & save that vpn profile…. click on that added vpn profile… it will ask you username & password… give username as ” free” & password as “2122” ..connect it. ….that’s it ! now go browse the play store & YouTube from it android phone… enjoy! ;D….

    for the pc:

    I’ll suggest you to use “hotspot shield” vpn for YouTube… Hope it helps… thanks!

      • vpn doesn’t work, not always. and proxies don’t allow videos to load, or use other google apps. even the modified host files trick on your other post doesn’t work. i’m doomed, my professor’s gonna reject my application and that’s it. it’s over. any idea when youtube might be opened again? me no geek, but wasn’t it possible to filter the specific link of the video of the server rather than blocking the whole site like that?

    • bro, i’m sorry for annoying you again. i tried to access gdrive from my dad’s laptop some minute ago, and i could get in. then i tried it from my pc, but couldn’t. i’m using stealthy on firefox atm. it has nothing to do with my settings or my pc right??? i’m just so worried atm.

      • Stealthy, or any other proxying service, does change your configuration. So yeah, it could be stealthy that’s causing the issue. I’m not sure anyway. And it’s no wonder that you were able to log in from your dad’s laptop. I saw the same issue. Like one moment I could get in to Google Drive, hours later, I couldn’t. The problem is better described in this post (if you can read Bangla)

        I’m not sure why the hosts trick is not working for you. But right now I can access Google Drive without any tricks. I think you should disable stealthy and then try again.

        • okay i disabled stealthy, used your modified host trick and i’m accessing youtube, but not google drive! i don’t get it!

          • Did you have a backup of your hosts file like I said in the post? Get that original file in place and delete your modified hosts. Try then again.

              • but but once i replace with the original one, i can’t access the sites anymore! God I’m such a noob! I’m so sorry! Okay okay let me tell you. First I replaced the original hosts with the modified ones. Kept a backup. Then i could access youtube etc but not drive. Then i replaced the modified one with the original one like u said, and couldn’t access anything anymore. Gosh i’m so sorry!

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  4. lol i can live a you-tube free life….but without google, i cant, no way…google play wasnt available in Pakistan the last time i checked but the search engine is fine and thats what i need:))

    • I don’t know if you think YouTube is just for fun, but we – specially developers or any form of learners – need YouTube badly. Because name any software or even learning stuff, there are tons of tutorials on YouTube.

  5. same problem here mate….but i accessed youtube normally from 28th night to 29th evening, uploaded some stuff too…now its blocked again. could it be any kinda indication that youtube is gonna be unblocked soon? Any idea or update on when goverments gonna unblock youtube??

  6. today i used google play from my mobile when i was connected with my mobile internet but at home in my pc and my pc shared wifi its doesnt work….

  7. i hate bangladesh and i always will!!! i want to go back to Los Angeles !!!!because of my mom i have no youtube and bad grades!!!!! i got straight As and now they are ruined because i had an assignment on youtube!!!!!!!!! america is waaaaay better!!!! no electricity go outs and no bugs going in to your laptop!!!!!

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  11. okay i’m facing the same problem for the last few days again. the hide ip trick or occasionally stealthy worked fine. but i couldn’t access neither youtube nor drive and thought maybe the net was slow as we all knew it will be for they were working on the cables. now what do i do?

  12. last few days i faced the same problem but GP customer care says they have no problem at all, after that itried with other operator google apps work fine. so GP is big sucker

  13. Bro, is youtube really unblocked?? Why can’t i access it?? Even stealthy isn’t working. From my phone i can browse youtube with uc browser but not with opera mini. I use banglalion, but last night couldn’t access from my desktop either. What’s the problem???

  14. Oh thanks, and by the way do you know if Google Now is getting treated the same way as YouTube? Because I can’t seem to turn on the Google Now feature through voice search settings

  15. from few days i have discovered that i cant access google play shop by my android handset. i thought this occur due to some setting has been changed of handset and then i reset factory data and after this i cant register my handset with play shop or other google applications but able to register sumsang apps and can download the app.due to reset factory data, i lose all apps installed earlier by goolge play shop ;( . now my handset becomes an ordinary handset without android app…….. ;(.

  16. Hello,

    I was living in London, UK for 18 years and 3 weeks ago came to Bangladesh and signed-up to P2 24/7 Unlimited package from Grameen. I am posting this using my laptop. The internet conenction is on my mobile phone Samsung Galaxy. I use Wifi to connect my laptop to my mobile phone’s internet connection. For the past few days I noticed I cannot access and couldn’t figure-out what is wrong. After reading this article I now understand why. But, my main trouble is, the internet connection is slow. Sometimes it takes about 10 15 seconds to load a page but most of the time after waiting halfen hour a single page fails to load. I am now getting very angry with Bangladesh ISPs. I am in Sylhet.
    I’ve been reading other ISP recommendations but don’t know which one to trust. Which ISP is good for using internet connection on laptop in Sylhet region ?
    I can’t afford to buy one month unlimited package from an ISP recommended by someone and then see it is no better than the rubbish ISP I am using now and then jump to another ISP and face the same problem. I think it would be best if everyone reading this comment make a video of how long it takes for a page to load on their computer/laptop using their ISP and put the clip up on Bangladesh ISP review sites including,, etc. This way, Bangladeshi consumers can see for themselves from video clips which ISP is better and which ones are total rubbish. Also, when these rubbish ISPs see their service is being video shown all over the internet and they start losing potential customers then these rubbish ISPs would improve their service. Right now, these ISPs are not improving their service once they take your money.
    Another thing I don’t like about Bangladeshi people is that, they call hartals and fight and break things like shops and vehicles fighting and killing themselves to support and put some corrupt MP in power who will not improve their lives in any shape or form other than his own wallet! Also, Bangladeshi people, they don’t peacefully protest against companies who provide bad service. Why don’t you people make hartal against bad companies so they are forced to improve their service ? Why do you put-up paying your hard earned money for crap, rubbish and garbage service ? You should protest against companies like electrical companies and ISPs. For example, the electrical companies suddenly cut-off power supply without any warning. We the public should protest against such power cut. If you are causing hartals to put some MP in power then why don’t you tell that MP to promise his locals that when he gets in power he will influence the parliament to pass a law for all electrica and gas companies to give advance notice (exact times and dates) via newspaper, tv and radio announcements before cutting off power supply and make laws against ISPs taking peoples’ money and then provide rubbish internet connection. Next time you people make plans to run a hartal to put some MP in power, think about your own self and pressure that local MP of your’s to do something about power cuts and bad internet connection! The MP should also pressure all ISPs in his locality to introduce “introduction packages”. This is where consumers can tryout for free for 24hrs their internet connection packages and if consumers like their service then they pay. Otherwise, they sign-off. This way, consumers are not trapped with rubbish internet connection for 30 days like I am with this rubbish Grameen P2 Unlimited 24/7 internet package. Total rubbish it is. I don’t recommend it atall!
    One thing I have learnt coming to Bangladesh is that, Bangladeshi people don’t fight for their own good. They fight for their local corrupt MP to get in power who will NEVER improve their life and instead cause them trouble! Foolishness!

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