This is why I won’t be getting a Chromebook despite my best intentions

4 thoughts on “This is why I won’t be getting a Chromebook despite my best intentions”

  1. I agree with much of what you wrote. I have had my Chromebook for about two months. Even in the US there is places where good internet connections are hard to find. But my negatives for the Chromebook go far beyond internet issues. Its a cloud OS that relies solely on Google’s ecosystem and because of that. Chromebook’s will have limited appeal. I know several people who simple bought a Chromebook on price alone and then realized it was simply too limiting for their use. Its a niche device that may expand to a wider niche as more high speed internet becomes available. But in the end, its still a Windows world and for some, being able to work on a PC without internet is still a requirement.,


    1. Well, the Chrome OS had improved over the year and as far as I know it does work offline (the things you can do offline such as editing documents). Most of the time I find myself firing up Chrome after logging into Windows and closing Chrome before shutting down Windows. That’s why despite the internet connectivity issue I’m still considering a Chromebook (mostly because of its price, longer battery life and ultra portability). But I’m not sure yet.


  2. I am currently on extended travels with a google chromebook. I purchased an internet wifi hotspot that seemed perfect for my needs, paying by the gigabyte, I figured I could avoid streaming media and get reasonable internet access for a reasonable price.

    Unfortunately, my chromebook went to work in the background, downloading a major update that doubled this month’s expected charges for wifi. It’s not that I can’t afford it. It’s that I can’t control it! I’ve currently shut off the chromebook and am relying on my conventional laptop on my phone for must internet work.

    In short, I couldn’t agree more with your concerns.


    1. Thanks for adding your experience, James. A Chromebook user recently told me that you can stop the updates on Chromebook. I’m wondering is there an option like that? Can you explore and perhaps let me know?



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