Using an iPhone 5C won’t make you cool, here’s why

18 thoughts on “Using an iPhone 5C won’t make you cool, here’s why”

  1. For people who couldn’t afford iphones before, this phone is a ticket into the Apple club. It may not be the VIP section, but in the club nonetheless. People who can already afford iphones probably wont want to “downgrade”, so I think this product is meant to tap into another section of the market. Maybe an even younger crowd?


    1. The iPhone 5C is not really all that cheap. It’s the same price iPhone 5 would have been had Apple not discontinued it for the apparent sake of 5C. The phones look cool, too; just the “cheap iPhone” may have a negative impact on some younger crowd.

      But I agree with you. Apple will succeed nonetheless.


  2. Really, “Apple products are expensive”? Stop drinking the anti-Apple Kool-Aid from 2005. Look at the price of the Macbook Air now, for example.


    1. Your second sentence indicates you are maybe infected with fanboyism. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean bad, which would what anti Apple folks would’ve wanted to prove. I also explicitly mentioned that Apple makes great products. And great products don’t come cheap. If saying Apple product hits you in the heart, I have no more words to say.


    2. Except that we are looking a the price of iphone vs other smart phones, and it is objectively more expensive than most.

      Also the 13′ macbook air costs more than I spent on a high end gaming laptop 2 years ago. A laptop that to this day still has better internals than the air.


  3. After reading this insufferably banal and juvenile post I can safely say that regardless of which phone you have, you will never have to worry about being cool.


  4. I’ve seen people working minimum wage jobs with latest model iphones and macs as well. Buying them doesn’t make you cool, as doesn’t the clothes you wear. Grow up and get a life.


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