About A. I. Sajib

I'm yet another guy who's interested in making a living out of writing about technology. I love writing about anything, photographing people, and getting to know them. The best way to get to know more about me is through my blog at http://aisjournal.com.

Recommend Me Books So that I Can Write

fiction writer

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to read fiction books written in English. I mean, no disrespect to my mother tongue, but I’ve always had this thing for writing. And everyone knows that there is no better place for inspiration and learning to write than reading a lot of books. Continue reading

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How to Fix Google Blogger Post Thumbnail Missing Bug

google blogger

This post is cross-posted from Live with Google, a blog dedicated to Google news, tips and tutorial.

This is a quick post explaining a quick fix to Google’s Blogger post thumbnail missing error that apparently many users have been facing in the past few days. If you use Google’s Blogger for your blog and you have noticed that your post thumbnails are not showing up despite you making absolutely no change to the template of your blog; don’t worry, it’s not just you.

Without going too deep into the technical details of what is causing this issue, let’s just say how to fix this. Continue reading

One Year in Learning Photography – Part 1

lego head office new york

Photography is a visual form of communication. Photography is a powerful media to send a message. Photography can be a person’s true reflection. Photography can tell stories more effectively than any number of words can.

There are many good things about photography. One particular of them is the ability to capture something as you see it. Some might say a video is a better option in this era of multimedia, but I think photography is more powerful. I’ll get to that in a later post. For now, let’s talk about this past year in my photographic journey.

Continue reading

3 Tech Events in Bangladesh This Month That You Can Attend

tech conferences in bangladesh

Technology-oriented events are great opportunities for like-minded geeks to hang around, discuss about the topics that few other people from their lives are interested in, and ultimately, have a fun time. In recent times, the number of tech events in Dhaka has significantly increased. Thanks to various organizers including Google Business Group Dhaka, Google Developer Group Dhaka, and partners like HubDhaka who make many of these events possible. Continue reading

This is Why I Hate Akismet

Don’t get me wrong. I love WordPress. I love Automattic. And I love almost all the products they have made so far. Among which are Gravatar, Polldaddy, Jetpack, and of course, our favorite WordPress and WordPress.com.

However, there is this one product that I’ve never been a fan of. This comes default with every self-hosted WordPress installation, and powers every blog on WordPress.com network. Ever since I became an advanced blogger, I stopped using Akismet on my self-hosted blogs. It’s mostly because Akismet catches a lot of legitimate comments as spams and sometimes lets spams through. On my blogs, I either use Disqus which is faster and more user-friendly, or I use a plugin called Growmap Anti Spam Plugin which basically adds a checkbox at the bottom of comment form asking to check the box. I’ve seen that is enough to prevent spams 99% of the times. Continue reading

Honda’s “The Other Side” is a Brilliantly Made Video that You Can ‘Experience’

Even if you’re not into cars that much, the new ‘interactive video’ that Honda just released will blow your mind. What you see above in less than a minute is just the trailer. But don’t think for a second that this is what the actual Honda video, called “The Other Side”, looks like. To my amazement, the video is actually interactive. The letter “R” not only represents the Honda Civic Type R that the video is promoting, but also a cue to use your keyboard and see the other side in action. Continue reading