CreepyPasta Story Review: Abandoned by Disney

CreepyPasta is quite possibly the largest source of user-generated stories of various kinds. However, reading a story can be both a terrible and an exciting experience depending on which story you’re reading. To help you decide what are some of the stories that are worth reading — and some that aren’t — I’m starting this series where I’ll briefly talk about a particular story without containing any spoiler.

I’m quite excited to kick off the series with a story that’s as fascinating, and dark as it gets. The story is titled Abandoned by Disney, The story gained so much popularity that the author started a series. I haven’t read the later stories of the series, but I will do so and write reviews here.

But first, a bit of context.

Disney is one of the few world-famous names that instantly make us remember some of the most iconic characters. Even after Disney and Pixar started working together, many characters have seen the light of day and found a place in our hearts. But the character that this particular story talks about is one of the most popular, most recognized, and most fun face in the history of Disney: Mickey Mouse.


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Automattic Acquires WooCommerce Developer Company WooThemes

woocommerceAutomattic, the company behind, Gravatar, Akismet and a number of other web-based services, just made an exciting announcement a few moments ago. The company is acquiring popular WordPress theme and plugin development company WooThemes, best known for its WordPress e-commerce plugin WooCommerce, and a number of other WordPress themes and plugins. Automattic Founder and CEO Matt Mullenweg announced this just moments ago on his blog. WooThemes also announced this on their official blog. This means one more awesome product joins the lineup of Automattic awesomeness on the web! Continue reading “Automattic Acquires WooCommerce Developer Company WooThemes”

I’m Joining Automattic as Happiness Engineer on


Hi there! Today I’m incredibly excited to announce the new journey in my career: Happiness Engineer at Automattic. If you didn’t notice already, Automattic is the super awesome company behind, Gravatar (the image service that shows your profile picture every time you comment), PollDaddy, Akismet, Jetpack, VaultPress, and a whole bunch of amazing stuff that you interact with online.

My job will be focused on, a hosted blogging platform by Automattic. You already know a lot about if you’re already a blogger here, and if you didn’t, you might want to know that every month, over 409 million people visit various sites hosted on, making us serve over 18 billion page views. There are about 56.1 million new posts published by users on every month, generating over 68 million new comments every month. (More stats)

The sites hosted on range from private, personal blogs, business blogs, small publishers, artist portfolio, etc to top-tier publications such as Time Magazine, The New York Times blogs, TechCrunch, Re/code, TED, New York Post, CNN Newsroom blog, Quarts, and a lot more.

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Earthquake in Bangladesh: Some People Need to Grow up

The weather condition in Bangladesh has been pretty weird for the last couple of weeks. From burning hot summer, the weather suddenly takes a surprising turn and it becomes all windy. Especially at nights, I’ve been noticing unusual wind pattern as I live in a tin-shed house. Winds start to blow much like tidal waves and between two waves of wind, there is pin-drop silence in the middle of the night. This led many of our tenants to wake up in the middle of the night and start wandering outsides in fear of something destructive.


And then there was today’s massive earthquake in Bangladesh, a 7.5 magnitude tremor (It was 7.9 in Nepal) in what could possibly be the longest earthquake this country has ever seen. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you see it), I was asleep when this happened and my mom woke me up. It didn’t take me too long to figure out what a massive tremor it has been as I signed into Facebook and Twitter. Continue reading “Earthquake in Bangladesh: Some People Need to Grow up”