Earthquake in Bangladesh: Some People Need to Grow up

The weather condition in Bangladesh has been pretty weird for the last couple of weeks. From burning hot summer, the weather suddenly takes a surprising turn and it becomes all windy. Especially at nights, I’ve been noticing unusual wind pattern as I live in a tin-shed house. Winds start to blow much like tidal waves and between two waves of wind, there is pin-drop silence in the middle of the night. This led many of our tenants to wake up in the middle of the night and start wandering outsides in fear of something destructive.


And then there was today’s massive earthquake in Bangladesh, a 7.5 magnitude tremor (It was 7.9 in Nepal) in what could possibly be the longest earthquake this country has ever seen. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you see it), I was asleep when this happened and my mom woke me up. It didn’t take me too long to figure out what a massive tremor it has been as I signed into Facebook and Twitter. Continue reading “Earthquake in Bangladesh: Some People Need to Grow up”

Fear of Death

I had a dream just few minutes ago that I will likely never forget. It was scarier than any dream I’ve ever had, and it was strangely relevant to the happenings of my real life at the moment. Let me tell you the story of my dream that woke up the fear of death in … Continue reading Fear of Death

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If You Didn’t Understand a Thing in ‘House of Cards’, Here’s What You Need to Read

house of cards fu rink
A dangerous gift for Francis Underwood.

House of Cards is arguably one of the most popular, complete, and twisted political drama. I got hooked to the screen the minute I started watching it from Season 1, and was pretty upset when I was at the end of Season 3 and realized that was all I could watch. I had to wait another year for Season 4 of this breathtaking TV series.

While I enjoyed every bit of House of Cards, I’m sure that those viewers who know more about American politics enjoyed it even more. To understand a twisted story of love, you have to first know what love is, right? Without knowing much about how the Congress works or how a presidential campaign is financed and run, I missed much of the fun. Continue reading “If You Didn’t Understand a Thing in ‘House of Cards’, Here’s What You Need to Read”

The Next Samsung of the World is Booming in China


This post was originally published on Android Kothon English.

To think China will soon take over the technology world is not an exaggerated thought anymore. Sure, just a few years ago, we would term everything that came straight out of China as cheap, replica, and garbage stuff typically perfect for people who can’t afford the real thing. In recent times, however, a lot has changed.

Anyone who keeps tabs on the gadget world needs no introduction of the Chinese giants that are slowly taking over the world. Xiaomi, Oppo, Gionee, OnePlus, etc — to name a few — are some of the most well-known and well-regarded tech companies particularly in the smartphone industry. While these companies have different marketing approaches and targeted customer audiences, they all have one thing in common — they are from the China, and they make great products. Continue reading “The Next Samsung of the World is Booming in China”

Travel Confession: I Like the Journey More than the Destination

santa clara, california
Open skies in Santa Clara.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word ‘travel’? I bet it’s pictures of the destination — beaches, mountains, restaurants with tourists rushing around, drinks and whatnot. For me, travel has an entirely different meaning. I realized late in 2013 that I loved the journey to the destination more than the destination itself.

That is definitely not to say that I don’t like arriving at amazing travel destinations, I absolutely do; but I like the time spent on getting there, provided that the journey isn’t too bad for some reason.

So why am I writing this travel confession all of a sudden? Continue reading “Travel Confession: I Like the Journey More than the Destination”

Welcome to My Blog’s Newer, Neater Design

Clean, simple, elegant; those are what make a webpage attractive and easy-to-read. For far too long, I’ve been waiting for the perfect theme to go with this blog. Today while giving another go at the Theme Gallery, I’ve found what I wanted. Gone are the days when I wanted to show as much information as possible on the sidebars of the blog. There was a time even three-columned designs felt short as I couldn’t show enough information on the either side of the main post column.

But as it continuously becomes more difficult to keep readers on board, simpler, neater, and minimal design approaches work best. That’s why I’ve been looking for a theme that showed my main content — blog post — to the reader without much distractions. Continue reading “Welcome to My Blog’s Newer, Neater Design”