alien in new york

Short Fiction: The Existential Crisis

There have been multiple reports of sighting of an unusual creature at different less crowded alleys in the city of New York. Residents are aware of all sorts of aliens and creatures choosing New York as their favorite spawn point, thanks to Hollywood, so they at first didn’t care much about it. But a New…

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fifa world cup 2018 russia

Countdown Begins for 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

What a month! What an epic final! Isn’t this the reason FIFA World Cup is the world’s biggest sport tournament? After about 120 minutes of heavily-tensed match between Argentina and Germany in FIFA World Cup 2014 final, Germany won the trophy thanks to one amazing goal. This year’s tournament showed that unpredictable can happen in sports.…

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gta iv on steam

How to play GTA IV with Steam on Windows 8

Grand Theft Auto has always been my favorite franchise ever since I got my hands on GTA II. I heard that in later games, you could not only steal cars but also get helicopters and that thought of stealing and piloting a helicopter pretty much stunned me. Today, almost a decade later, I’ve played GTA…

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