I got some comments on my previous posts which truly inspired me to write this one. To me, comments are the inspiration to write another one. Thanks to everyone who left comment on my previous post.

Do you know what is the difference between a reporter and a blogger? A reporter can be a blogger also. In the same way, a blogger can be a reporter too. But still there are some differences between them.
I’m not talking about professional bloggers. I’m talking about the vast majority of blogs around the world. The number of bloggers around the world is obviously larger than the number of reporters around the globe. I’m not talking about the bloggers who are not forced nor hired or paid to write. I’m focusing to those bloggers who are independent in blogging and who write on almost every topic they want.
Bloggers can be called to be the Citizen-reporters of the country. Just because they don’t have to show any reason why they wrote that post. They can write what they think. In fact, the public reaction on any matter can be seen on the blogosphere.
In bangladesh, there are several blogging platforms. Unfortunately almost all of them are in Bangla language in which Bangladeshis talk. This is one reason what keeps Bangla Blogs away from the world. Anyway, the largest bangla blogging platform on the internet is SomewhereinBlog, which is also the most popular and populous bangla blogging platform for free. A huge number of general people write posts on several topics. Sometimes they raise topic which is never raised before. The authority said in the victory day program, in average, one new post is published in each 8 minutes. That means each 8 minute makes new posts from around the Somewherein Blog platform. It is now a bit clear to understand how popular and how active the site is.
I myself is one of the youngest bloggers in Somewherein Blog. I started blogging in Bangla in middle of 2006 — one year later Somewherein inaugurated. Then earlier in 2008, I started blogging in English in this blog where currently you are. I wanted to reach the maximum number of readers and I understood that I have to write using English language so that the entire world may read and comment.
Now I’m quite inactive in the first blog of my life which was in Bangla. But I still read the posts by others and leave comment if necessary or if I wish.
A few months ago, a blogger named Milton called a “Bloggers get-together” in the Public library courtyard of the capital. I was so curious to meet those people whose writings I often read. So I contacted Milton bhai and asked whether someone, as young as me, could reach their chat (adda). He told me that the get-together is for everyone. Any blogger can join the tiny party which was to be held at the courtyard of Public Library.
I went there and met some bloggers. I was thinking to myself “these are the people, the real face, the face of those who write regularly on almost everything.” They write in Bangla doesn’t mean their writing are worse in quality. Some of the bloggers in SWi (SomeWherein)write extremely good and commendable. Their writings are of high quality and based on the most interesting and significant topics — sometimes related to the government, state, politics, religion, terrorism etc.

Some of the bloggers presented there.
Some of the bloggers joined the tiny-party.

They are the writers whose writings know no bound. They just write to satisfy themselves. They write just because they want and they can. They are the bloggers, whose writings reflect the thoughts, the expectations, the demands, the sorrows, the problems etc of the peoples from the grassroots levels to the higher society. Just because they themselves are the people. The citizen and the Non-Resident Bangladeshis from around the world.
And I’m glad that, I am one of them too!
(Sitting in middle. Wearing a black shirt and glasses.)

Right now I’m trying switch my writing language to English. The blog where currently you are is my effort to upgrade my English writing skill. I’m switching language. But still I’m a blogger. I believe that a blogger can play significant role in the society.
Do you own a blog? Do you think the way I think (that bloggers can play a significant role)? Leave your reaction along with your blog URL/address if you own any.

[Since I’m a little bit weak in English, lots of grammatical errors may exist in this post. Kindly treat them in a forgiving sight. I request you please rectify the errors if you have time.]

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  1. hmm idk wat to say since a lot of people had already a blog about this already….but nice job on the wring i cant figure out any mistake yet though X] but if i know any ill tell u…bai bai


  2. I love AIS JOURNAL. I did read it . I did got the point . But i’m kinda busy & junki so sorry if i didn’t stop by to throw a fews words.
    Please be here & keep it up.
    I am the one & Only Indonesian i guessed


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