Do you know there are much fun and cool experiences in freedom journalism? Well, I don’t know whether I really wanna be a journalist because the career of a journalist is not that good here in Bangladesh. So, in this consideration, I have decided to make ‘writing’ as a freelancing work.

Although I am too young to be a writer of a newspaper, I have been writing for the national daily newspaper “jaijaidin” on its “Science and Technology” section since past few months. I believe Allah has given me a different power of writing. But the problem is that, I write in Bangla language which I want to be switched into English. Personally I feel better when I write a post on this ordinary blog rather than a Bangla article on the newspaper! I think this clarifies a bit how much I like English.

I have a dream to work on behalf of any renowned Foreign News Agency just like Guardian, British Broadcasting Corporation, Reuters, Associated Press etc. I don’t know whether I would ever be able to become a journalist of any of these most popular and powerful global news agencies. But I want to become at least a freelance writer of them. I want to write articles for their website. I know my English is not as much standard as those news agencies may want. That’s the reason I want to learn some writing techniqes. Would you, the readers, kindly let me know how can I fastly improve my English writing? Can I start writing for any popular Foreign News Agency (no need money for the time being. I just want to start)? Your advice is cordially invited.


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  1. Your English is remarkably good already – from your post about school, I imagine you’ve taught yourself most of what you know?? I think you’re on the right track, reading and writing are the best ways to practice. If you want to check out some books on writing style, a couple of my favorites are “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser and “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White. Keep up the good work!


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