It’s always fun to share personal thoughts, daily life events and happenings and other useless but interesting stuffs with friends, family, colleagues, bosses, and other people from across the world. Previously I didn’t have a particular personal blog. I used to blog on free platforms such as, etc. I’m a fond of blogging and I really love doing it. I seriously blog as a business in which is a blog about technology and blogging stuffs. I share my experience and knowledge in technology and blogging field with the world on that blog. But that wasn’t a perfect place for writing personal things.
That’s why today I created this sub-domain to host my very personal entries and share with the world — as I love doing it. You might not find any interest reading it, but there is a lot of people out there who are passionate in blogging about life and other random topics.
As my primary language isn’t English, I feel limited while writing something in English. I love writing in English ’cause this way I’m reaching the widest range of audience across the world. However, if you find any mistakes/errors regarding my English, please treat them in a forgiving sight and let me know about the error if you have time to help me that way.

If you want to read my professional writing, point your browser’s location bar at If you want to know more about me, check out the about page of my professional blog.

I expect you will come back again and again to connect with me through our virtual world. Leave a comment on any post you want. Your comment is always invited. See I’ve implemented smarter Disqus Comment System in my blog so that you feel better to post a comment.

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