The following is a story I wrote in my second terminal examination of my school. The question was titled as “Completing Story”. A beginning paragraph of a fictitious story was given in the question paper. Students were asked to complete the story with their own imagination. I also answered the question. But the difference was that, I did write it totally from my own. I mean, I didn’t read it earlier in any guidebook. I thought I won’t get expected mark in that answer. Luckily, I got 11 mark out of 15 for that story and that was the highest among 134 students in my class.

As I wrote the story in the exam’s answer sheet and I didn’t practice writing the same story ever before, I don’t exactly remember the whole story. But since the writer himself is here, why not try to re-write the story!

Disclaimer: My grammar and sentence making isn’t good at all. Please treat any kind of error in a forgiving sight. That will be greatly appreciated. 🙂

The Story Begins here:

Once there were two friends. They used to study in the same class. So, they were classmates too. They promised each another that they will help each another in danger.
One day, they were passing through a deep and dark forest. As they were walking through the forest, one of them heard some kind of weird sound. He was wondering what was making that weird but scary sound. He was staring his eyes around himself. And suddenly he discovered the sound maker. He was so horrified by it that he forgot to move or shout loudly.

It was a snake! A terrible-looking Cobra hanging from a tree. It was looking him with its evil eyes. He was just thinking if his friend, who walked faster for what he was a bit ahead, would notice it and do something to help him.
He knew that, if the snake bites him, he would die.

His friend (hereinafter called “The Second friend”) noticed that his friend (hereinafter called “The First Friend”) is not with him. So he stopped walking and moved backward. He noticed his friend is stood like a statue in front of a tree. When he was about to call him, he noticed the snake on the tree. His friend was at the range of that Cobra. He got frightened seeing that scene and thought to himself that he is the one present around. So he has to do something to save his friend from that terrible-looking snake.

When the second friend was thinking what should he do to save his friend, the first one was still breathing heavily. He is counting each seconds and imagining that the snake bites him and he becomes dead! He was thinking to himself, “If I try to move an inch, the snake will leave me dead!”
So, he lost his hope to stay alive and go back to his home alive.

But the second friend was intelligent. He looked for a thick stick and finally found one. Then he started getting closer to the snake from the backside of it. The first friend could clearly see the movement of his friend thought he was unsure what the purpose of his friend was.
The good thing was the snake couldn’t realize that it has got an enemy behind it.

Coming from the backside of the snake, the second friend started beating the snake with the stick he picked up from the ground. He was so brave that’s why it was possible for him. The snake fell down and the second friend continued beating it. He too was at the risk of death; so he was desperate to kill it at any cost.

A few moments later, the snake stopped moving. Seeing it motionless, the second friend told the first friend that either the snake was dead or unconscious. “We should escape immediately”, he added.

So, they both left the jungle. The first friend acknowledged to the second friend for saving his life. But the second friend said, “It was my responsibility to save your life somehow”. The first friend felt great to have such a friend.

A few weeks later

On a fine afternoon, they both went out to have a walk by the riverbank. The weather was so nice and charming. When they were walking by the riverbank, the first friend suggested to have a little boat journey. The second friend agreed the proposal because he could realize how pleasure a journey by boat would give him.
As proposed, they hired a small boat which has no engine. The first friend knew driving boat very well as his father was a boatman. So, he was driving the boat towards the open river.
Both of them were feeling amazing. But their joy didn’t last much longer. A few minutes later they noticed the weather was no longer nice. It turned stormy making the sky cloudy. The first friend felt the urgency of going back. But the second friend became afraid.
When the first friend noticed that his friend’s face became pale, he asked, “Why are you so afraid?”
“I’m afraid of the windy weather.”
“Well, we’re going back to the ground. Nothing to worry.”
“Still, I don’t know swimming!”
“What?! You don’t know swimming?”
“No, I don’t. If the boat sinks now, I will just go underwater and die.”
“Oh, man! Come on, don’t worry. The boat will not sink. I know driving boats very well.”

The first friend was truly well in driving boats. But the young boatman failed to control his little boat when the weather turned too much windy. As a result of losing control of the boat, it sank.

The second friend didn’t know how to swim. So he was just moving his hands and legs at random. His friend felt the responsibility of saving him as he was who proposed to have the journey by boat. Besides it, it was his friend who was in danger. So he swam towards his friend, grabbed him, and got back to the ground.
Thus, he saved his friend’s life.

This proved they were really true friends. They didn’t only promised to each another, but they also kept their words. They took the risk of their own lives to save the friend whenever in danger. This is what called true friendship. Each and every friendship in the world should be like this.

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It is for sure that none of you enjoyed the boring story I wrote. I occasionally write stories but they are in Bangla language. It is the second complete English story written by me. The first one wasn’t published anywhere. So, this is the first English story I published online.

Please let me know what you think about the style I used in writing the story above. If you noticed any error regarding my English, spelling, style or grammar, you are sincerely requested to help me correct them.

Comments are a subject of high appreciation to me. No matter if that is negative or positive.

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  1. suppppeeeeeeeeeerrrrbbb … i guess there is no error in this writing … perfect ending …. !! i was expecting something else but you did something bigger than my imagination ….


  2. Bear? Is that what comes in the story written in the book? Well, I don't study at all, you know. So, I used my stupid imagination to create situation and then resolve them. Hope you liked it.Anyway, thanks for reading and taking some time to comment.


  3. Thanks Patti. I feel it's really difficult to express the actual thing that is on my mind as my native language isn't English. Any suggestion how can I improve it? I saw you write short stories pretty good. Lovable! 🙂


  4. very touching 🙂 t'was a nice story bout friendship..through thick and thin,they didn't leave each other…. great job sajib!keep it up 🙂


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