My school is a little bit far from my home. These days the population around my home is increasing at an alarming rate. Well, I see the pharmacies are always open. So, I’m still confused why the population is increasing even though the pharmacies are open. :-/
Anyway, the densely populated area remains too much busy all throughout the day. Even during midnight, traffic movement is slower than turtle’s walking speed. This makes lives of the people here too annoying and difficult.

As a result of almost twenty-hour traffic jam in our home and school area, pretty often I become late in arriving my school. “Because of traffic jam” is one of the most common excuses students make so I can no longer show this excuse. I was just thinking what can be a perfect excuse to reach school late.
While surfing the net, I found a hilarious joke and I’m willing to apply it next time I get late in reaching school. Well, I have to prepare myself for a bunch of rude talks from the teacher if I’m going to follow the student as below:

Teacher: Why are you so late today?
Student: Sir, I’m late because I noticed and obeyed to the sign on the road.
Teacher: What sign are you talking about?
Student: A sign that says, “School Ahead, Go Slow.”

What do you guys think? Is this excuse going to work out? Do you have any other stronger excuse than this? Share with me by posting a comment below. I’m badly in need of a lot of excuses as I usually reach my school lately.

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