Giraffes are one of the most attractive animals National Zoo (situated at Mirpur, Dhaka) has. People of all age are curious enough to meet these tall-necked guys. More than a year ago when a few giraffes were bought from South Africa and caged in the zoo, the number of visitors rapidly increased.

As well as others, I was also keen to meet the guys in person! So, avoiding the rainy weather, I went to the national zoo with a DV (Digital Video) camera to take some photos of the guests. In fact, my purpose to visit the zoo was not only see the giraffes but also take some of their photos and collect some information about them including some other newly-brought animals to write a short report on it.

My report, which was written in Bangla, was published in Biborton Bangla on July 1, 2008. [Accessible here]

When I met the Giraffes, they were in a happy mode. But I was wondering how long they would remain happy inside a Bangladeshi zoo although it’s a state-run zoo situated in the capital.

Finally, my fears have come true. One of those giraffes has died recently. A government official said in condition of anonymity,

“Suspected Complications caused death of the Giraffe which was among 19 other species of animals including a Zebra, a Tapir, and a Tiger who have died inside the zoo since January.”

News Agency AFP noted that, “Last year the zoo spent 800,000 dollars bringing 38 animals, including the three-year-old giraffe, from South Africa.”

So, as a result of the death, the fear has just increased that remaining giraffes may also become a victim of it. But there is something that ‘sounds’ good. AFP reported that,

“The Ministry of Livestock has suspended the chief zoo keeper and his deputy due to their negligence over the death of the giraffe,” acting zoo chief Bibekananda Chowdhury told AFP.

Local newspapers accused zoo staff of failing to give the animal proper medical treatment.

Reza Khan, Bangladesh’s top wildlife expert who heads Dubai Zoo in the United Arab Emirates, told AFP the number of deaths were “abnormally high” and that poor conditions and lack of expertise were to blame.

“Dhaka zoo is run by vets who don’t know the eating habits and wildlife environment of the animals they keep,” he said by telephone from Dubai, adding that the cages and enclosures were of a poor standard.

As an ordinary citizen of the country, what I can expect is a good care of the animals who were bought at a high price and kept inside the zoo which obviously earns a great amount of revenue to Government. We all can clearly see that other giraffes are in the queue of death. But we don’t expect so. Personally, I hope now the zoo keepers will be careful enough to take care of the animals.

The death rate is incredibly high at the Dhaka Zoo. The government should take any necessary step to prevent animals from being “killed”. The zoo was in lack of Giraffes since last few years until 5 new giraffes were brought last year. Now, one of them has already died. If other Giraffes die, the zoo will lose one of its main attractions which will eventually decrease the curiosity of people to have a visit to the zoo.

Also, tigers are being killed in and around Sundarbans for some reasons. Therefore, tigers in the zoo should be kept with carefulness so that they don’t fall sick. But what actually happens is they too are getting killed at an alarming rate. If the death rate continues, we are sure to fall in shortage of our National Animal in our country.

Some parts of this post were copied from an AFP report hosted on Google News while some other were copy-written from the same source.

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