My school was closed on the 29th of August on the occasions of month-long fasting, the largest religious festival of Muslims — Eid ul Fitr, and Durga Pooja. I have no idea how a vacation of 30 days went by. It was like I closed my eyes and 30 days were gone!
Anyway, after this long time vacation, I went to my school on 30th September. It was Wednesday. The weather was too hot. The scorching heat of the sun was burning everything on the surface. But there was no choice but attend the class.
My class time is of 5 hours with a break of about 25-minutes after first four periods. Everything was OK. My classroom is large, and it has four ceiling fans above. The air was at least preventing us from being sweating badly. But the worst thing happened when there was a power-cut. Sudden discontinuation of power supply due to shortage of electricity is called Load-Shedding here.

And there was no electricity for 2 hours out of 5-hours class time.

Schools remain closed from afternoon to morning before the class of morning shift begins. If the Prime Minister of the Government of Bangladesh were here, I would have definitely asked her to at least make sure uninterrupted power supply to all of the junior and high schools in the city.

What do you think? Isn’t it logical?

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