Who hasn’t listened one of the most favorite Bangla song, Pori, by bappa? I guess all of you have listened to it countless times. Now, what I want you to do is listen the same song again from a different singer. Introducing my elder brother, Shapan!

Few weeks ago, I had a visit to my Brother’s room in Bakshibazar, Azimpur, Dhaka. He is a student of Dhaka Medical College (Final Year) and stays at Dr. Fazle Rabbi Hall. He is simply awesome in playing musical instruments especially guitar. I don’t know the exact name of the red guitar he has, but it’s widely knows as “Electric Guitar” in Bangladesh. You have to stand still once you listen to him playing his electric guitar.

After a few minutes-long argument, he agreed to sing a song and play the rhythm of guitar (maybe it’s called vocal or something). The opportunity of taking a shot of him singing a song doesn’t come too often. So, I readily started capturing with a Digital Video camera on my hand. I got to say sorry to all of you for poor video quality, as I forgot to set video mode to three star (high quality).

Also, the sound may not be clear; that too is a fault of camera. It’s not a latest model video camera, that’s why it’s not that good. But I believe that you’ll at least figure out the awesome rhythm my brother has got.

Alright, I won’t talk anymore. Let’s watch the song.

Technical Details:

– Original Song by: Bappa Mojumdar
– Drum pitch composed by Shapan using Fruity Loops
– Rhythm, Lead n Vocal: Shapan
– Video by Aminul (www.aisajib.com)

Pori (Bappa) by Golam Kibria Shapan

This is a live uncut raw recording of Pori, one of the most popular songs of Bappa Mojumdar, performed by Golam Kibria Shapan recorded by Aminul Islam here at Room No D2, Dr. Fazle Rabbi Hall, Dhaka Medical College.

I’m damn curious to know what you think of him and his super ability of playing guitar. You are sincerely requested to let us know your feeling and thoughts about him by leaving a response here or on this song’s YouTube page. No matter where you leave a comment, but you have to say something about him! 🙂

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