Few months ago, I had a sudden visit to my village — Comilla. I went there with all of my family members except my father. The day was sunny. However, it was during monsoon. So, the scene of temporary canal 😉 were everywhere. Luckily, I was holding a Digital Video Camera that belongs to my sister. I took so many pictures with that. This one is just one of them.

After I had taken this photo and uploaded on a bangla blog, I showed it to a professional photographer who told me that it was nice but could be better if I had zoomed a little bit. He pointed at the empty area right at the lower part of the picture.

Here’s your chance to judge this picture.

Bangladeshi Bridge

Apologies for the date stamp that I forgot to turn off before I had taken the shot. It was possible to remove it by the grace of Adobe Photoshop; but firstly I’m not familiar with Photoshop, and didn’t want to make it worse by my shivering hand. 😦

Comments, people?

2 thoughts

  1. Sorry, I don’t know about concept of photography. So even if I do comment, I doubt if its any helpful.

    Is that a canal? It looks like a river.

    PS: I found this post by using your random post. I hope you don’t mind adapting it in my blog but of course with a different image.


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