At last I’ve got a computer. Yes, that’s how I could write the introductory line of this post. I remember how difficulties I had to face just to use computer — for the purpose of writing news articles, blogs and other stuffs. It’s been more than a year since I joined press. I worked in a national daily newspaper for a year, and now moved to the country’s most popular online newspaper

But I had struggled ever since I started blogging in mid-2006 and joined print media industry in late 2008. Well, my struggle was pretty different. I had to struggle for a computer. Running from one cyber café to another was one of the hardest part of the struggle. Also, not all time cyber cafes were open. But news comes anytime. All on a sudden I used to get a phone call or email from my office asking to prepare a news, I was ready, but I had nothing to prepare with.

Blogging is another thing perhaps I can’t live without. Although I’m very fluent and write better in my mother tongue, Bangla, I feel better to blog in English although I’m not satisfied with my skill in English. This blog,, is the first blog I’ve ever created in English. Since then, I wrote and deleted lots of posts from this blog. Later, I moved to self-hosted wordpress and now I own some domains, one of them is where I write posts related to technology tips and blogging ideas.

I also joined an American website to contribute on writing reviews and how-tos about various software, freeware, tutorial, etc. I have an income stream of $50+ from that particular website on a monthly basis which I hope to go up by time. Fifty dollars maybe isn’t too much to tell about, but for the time being, it’s enough for me.

At this situation, I was badly in need of a computer — be it laptop or desktop — at my home. My parents, after a long time of no acceptance, have agreed that I really need a computer. Actually, that was after I received my salary. 😀 But my budget was nowhere near the price of a computer with a minimum configuration I need to work on.

Anyway, somehow I got some money and my parents added some with the total amount I had. And then I was able to figure a computer at my home. Though I actually required a laptop, I bought an Intel Pentium Duel Core desktop computer with 15.5 inches wide-screen Liquid Crystal Display monitor.

I couldn’t but take a shot of it with my cellphone’s camera. The camera is really cool, but this picture isn’t good enough because there is not enough light where I set up the desktop. See the pictures below.

desktop computer
My new desktop computer is set up.
Samsung Monitor
Samsung 15.6 inches wide screen LCD monitor.

Analyzing the picture

Usually my room is neat enough, but at that day after returning from the computer market, IDB, I was so excited that it wasn’t possible for me to make it neat before taking a shot.

After I transferred this (the first one) picture to my computer and opened it, I saw that a lot of unexpected things were there. Such as Fair and Lovely Menz Active (I like car more than bike, though 😆 ) , the drawer, the iron under the table, etc. I was thinking of taking another picture after moving all those stuffs to somewhere else. But one thing came to my mind. I’m not going to publish it on newspaper, rather I’m about to publish it on my personal blog. So, I don’t think that it will look too bad to publish an image that has a reflection of where I live. I mean, no fake. So, I just put it up unedited. 😀

Here’s a little configuration of my computer:

  • Intel PDC 2.60 GHz E5300 Processor.
  • Intel DG31PR Mainboard.
  • Apacer 2GB DDR2 (800) RAM.
  • Samsung 15.6 inches 633NW Wide Screen Liquid Crystal Display Monitor.
  • Sony DVD writer.
  • And other necessary equipments 😉

What do you think about the configuration? I don’t really play high-definition games or work with high-resolution graphics. All I do is explore through the blogosphere and other websites around the Internet and write articles. So, I don’t need better configuration, I guess.

13 thoughts

  1. Hi Sajib, I’m happy for you getting a PC and it’s a great milestone in your life.. I know how you feel! Go ahead, do something better with it 🙂


    1. Tamal bhai,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I do know that you can feel how happy I am. I hope too that I will do something better as I’ve got what I was praying for. 🙂


  2. Nice to know it that eventually you owned a PC. It’s really needed for you. Hope you will be so much enthusiast to discover the real things inside and outside of the Techie world………..;)


    1. Thanks for your comment, Princess!

      By the way, I really didn’t understand what you meant by ‘vibrant’. (Sorry, I’m never good at English 😦 )


  3. Congratulations! Owning a PC is a must nowdays, tho even if it wasn’t I’d still had to have it. I really dont know how you feel about your first PC besides exited but still I bet you’ll be happy to have it. Oh and yes, you dont really need more powerful PC for surfing or similar activity tho I’d get a bigger screen 15′ is kinda small. Anyways have fun with your new PC!


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