Don’t mind seeing this useless post on my blog. I’m just checking out the “Blog post publishing” feature of MS Word 2007. Let’s see if it’s published correctly. 🙂

I don’t know if it’s working. But hey it seems pretty easy, maybe even easier than wordpress itself. I mean, when it comes to editing and publishing posts, you can take advantage of MS Word version 2007. Here you can insert photos and edit them easily. Do you notice the border around the picture of the flower? It was done by Word’s Picture Format option.

Not only that, you can also categorize your posts to as many categories as you want. However, I didn’t find any way to add tags to posts, this is a bad thing, I believe. Tag is important, especially when it comes to


Alright, enough talked. Now let’s push the Publish button and see what happens.


Update: Wow! I’m surprised to see that the post was successfully published occurring any error. It was published just as the way I formatted it. Nice job, Sajib. 😀


See the screenshot below:

The screenshot was taken right after hitting the publish button. I was totally surprised to see that certainly “no error” occurred. Wow! Also, I’m still wondering how the picture was uploaded to the server without any extra hassle. Hey, why do we hassle with uploading each picture manually? It gets us waiting until the upload is completed. Instead, just insert the pictures in your document (on MS Word 2007, obviously) and format your post the way you like.

I was also able to edit the pictures right under the same roof. Guess what; even it lets you add alternative text behind your pictures. Say OMG!!

I am planning to write a tutorial on how to get this job done easily. To make sure that you don’t miss my post, subscribe to my RSS feed right now and/or keep your eyes on my blog, Life with Technology at



Update 2: After a couple of hours of publishing, the images attached with this post seem vanished! What the hell has happened?! Even WordPress post revision histories don’t have any URL of the images attached to this post although I do remember that I had seen a permanent link to the images attached with this post before I went offline.

When I left, everything was fine. But now, a couple of hours later, the images are gone!

I don’t know what went wrong. Maybe posting via MS Word 2007 is useful only if you write text-only post. 😦

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