Many days ago, I created a new blog on WordPress and gave it a title “Photography of Sajib“. Well, I still like that blog and plan to add new posts whenever possible. But the problem is, it’s not being possible too often to publish new posts. Also, it’s kind of messy to add new posts on a regular basis to too many blogs. Well, I can work at a decent speed, but the problem is My internet cannot. That’s why I don’t add new posts regularly to all of my blogs.

From my Flickr page. Click the image to reach the Flickr page of this photo.

Recently, I’ve recreated my Flickr page and now adding new images whenever I shoot some photos using either my mobile’s camera or my sister’s Digital Video Camcorder. This is a short post to let my blog visitors know that I’m on Flickr. Due to some reasons you may not find me on Flickr if you search using my Name. That’s why I shortened my Flickr page’s URL using a third-party URL shortener tool.

To visit my Flickr photostream, simply visit Easy to remember, isn’t it? πŸ˜€ There is a Flickr widget at the sidebar so that you can keep informed if any new photo has been uploaded.

Also add me to your contact list if you too are on Flickr.

One footnote: I’m not a good photographer. In fact, I’m nowhere near a photographer. Honestly speaking, I’m a camera holder who still doesn’t have a good camera. I own a Nokia 5130 XpressMusic which is what mostly used to take photographs of the stuffs around. Luckily, my sister has got a DV camcorder which I occasionally get to use.

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