It was the second time I went to visit one of the best place to visit in Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar. I went there last year, stayed about three days and then returned back to the city. I was not satisfied. This year I went there with my parents, sister and a few relatives, stayed about three days, still not satisfied. The nature in Cox’s Bazar has a different addiction that will attract you to the sea very closely. You can’t feel how the time passes by. You can’t understand how fast the clock runs when you are there. It’s just the greatest natural gift Bangladesh has got.

On this year’s tour to Cox’s Bazar, I took a few shots by my sister’s camcorder. It’s a digital camera, so the quality of the pictures wasn’t very nice. Below is one of the most favorite pictures of mine that I took from the sea beach. I like to give this picture a caption, the sun is hibernating.

sunset in coxs bazar
The sun is hibernating

Your comment is invited. Let me know what you think about the picture. How could it be better? Do you have any caption that is more suitable than the one I gave it? Anything you comment will be appreciated with proper value.

And yes, not to mention that this blog’s header image was cropped from this photo. Like it? (Another question, answer in the comment field.)

2 thoughts

    1. Thanks for stopping by, but you didn’t say anything about the photo. I think you missed to criticize this time. Don’t worry; you’re invited to read my blog regularly. Maybe in future I will get valuable comments and criticisms from you. 🙂


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