little girl in front of laptop
Now your child can edit photos like a professional!

About a few weeks ago I first heard that Adobe is about to release Creative Suite 5 with lots of improvements and added features to Photoshop, Dreamweaver and other top software. I knew that it will be launched on any day this April. Recently, Adobe has released it and we are yet to stay shocked when we explore the damn good features added into photoshop, especially.

I’m a novice Photoshop user and I don’t do these photo editing works too often. Yet, what I saw in this video was shocking and shaking. After watching the following sneak peek of only one of the newest features of Adobe Photoshop CS5, I think believe that I’m a master of Photoshop!

Those Photoshop geeks must watch this movie to be hungry to try out Adobe Photoshop CS5. You might have learned about Content-aware fill, but have you seen how it works? Here goes the example of how awesome this new feature is.

And here is another one called PatchMatch. Must watch, too!

Now, let me realize how you are feeling by leaving your immediate reaction below as texts. I was like OMG! And no doubt thousands of others felt the same. See what a commentator about the new feature says:

What the crap?!?!? That is just amazing… I’m sure by CS10, you won’t even have to take pictures or download them… all you have to do is type ‘beach’ and a beach will appear in 3D.

I think someday his prediction will be transformed into reality. 😀

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4 thoughts

  1. WOW! Those videos have got me stunned! What a great piece of creation. I better start looking for CS4. I have a CS on my pc right now and if i update it, it would be really helpful for creating logos, which i started recently.

    BTW, great to see a Bangladeshi running a successful site. I feel proud as i’m a bangladeshi too.

    best wishes.

    if you decide to drop by my websites:


    1. Are you really talking about cs4? Come on, CS4 is widely available these days. People are moving onto CS5, and here you still wish for the older version. :-/


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