I hereby acknowledge Google for their kind contribution to promote my blog, Life with Technology, via their major service — Search Engine! 😆

Well, I’m writing this because today I’ve noticed that I’m getting a good number of visitors from Reuters.com. I was wondering if I became a celebrity blogger and if Reuters featured my blog along with a nice smiling picture of mine! 😀 But when I hit back to the pages those visitors came from, I saw that those were search results. Well, that’s not bad. At least people are finding my blog by searching on Reuters.

A few moments later I discovered that Reuters’ website was using Google’s Search Engine at a side of its page. And my blog was showing up right in that widget. I tried with a few words, and I saw my blog in there. I don’t know why but most people who came to my blog from Reuters were searching with the keyword “Life with Technology”. I tried with the same keyword and noticed that my blog was showing up there as 3rd result out of 72200000 results returned.

reuters google search resultsSee it live: Click here*.

Whoa! That’s big! And I was feeling kind of grateful to Google for indexing my blog that good. It’s not only the keyword that my homepage meta includes. I searched Google.com with a few extra queries and found my blog at the first page. Honestly speaking, I haven’t spent much time nor have I put good effort in optimizing my blog for search results. In short words, my blog is kind of neglected by me these days. Although I have a good reason for it. I’ve becoming too much busy in my study, so I get a terrifically little time to spend on my blog.

alexa global traffic rankStill, the Google Boss is doing a great job by providing me a number of visitors every single day from its search results. This traffic from Google is also getting me into a good ranking at Alexa which is improving day by day. It’s not that easy to get an alexa global traffic rank of less than 100,000. I think I’m moving forward with my blog although the speed is yet-to-be-fast! 😀

PS: You might want to see this album on Facebook (Privacy level: Open to everyone) to see a few other search engine result pages of some of the important queries. You’ll see that in those results my blog secures its position in the first page.

* In case you don’t see the Google results, it’s placed at the middle of the page and sits at the right side of the layout. If you still don’t find my blog in there, then the Google index may have been updated and my blog got down because Google found some sites more relevant to the keyword.

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    1. Thanks, dude! 🙂

      Now going to explore your blog. I love engaging with bloggers who take time to comment on my posts. By the way, which tag did you click?


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