Oh my god! I love her way so much! I can’t even imagine how come I’ve fallen in love with her so quickly. It was just a matter of a few minutes, and I’m totally in love!

love girl

Last night I saw her on YouTube for the first time. When I watched the track for the first time, I loved the music and the lyrics. The second time I watched the track, I loved the way she moves and dances. And the third time I watched that, I felt that I love her. 😮 I know this is too quick to fall in love; but hey I feel it’s true. Well, that’s pretty weird.

But unfortunately, I haven’t found her name yet. I’ve been searching around desperately for her name, but it’s not mentioned anywhere. I sought help from a couple of friends living in the United States and Singapore, but none of them could tell me what her name was. I’m so disappointed, guys. 😦 I’m not even getting some high quality pictures of that sweet girl. I need her name before I can search for some high quality pictures. I think she is not a famous model or celebrity, ’cause I found in some forums that other people are also asking for her name 😡 but not getting any answer 😀 (thank god! Maybe I’m gonna be the first. 😉 😎 ).

Now it’s my turn to find out her name, although the possibility to talk to her is below zero. 😥

I have a few snapshots of the track which are of terrible quality. I’ve already uploaded them to my WordPress.com storage; but I’m not going to post those photos anywhere until I get her name. Once I get her name and a few information about her, I’ll post on my blog along with a few photos of my lovely girlfriend. 😀 😎

PS: In case you can’t wait to find out who that (lucky? 😛 ) girl is, I would like to let you know that I’ve already given clues in this post using what you can reach that YouTube video or the track where you’ll see that beautiful girl. Now, let’s take it as a game. Can you find out it? Let’s begin the game.

Others are welcome to leave comments on me falling in love at jet plane’s speed. 😉

7 thoughts

  1. Congrats man!! 🙂

    Falling in love swiftly is simply dangerous. But it’s love. 😦

    I think you have stored the photos on your photo blog and i have forgotten your photo blog address. 😦


  2. I can’t help myself to wait anymore. Please help me or name the song. I tried to discover the name for last 30 minutes and failed.
    OT: My 1st comment in any wordpress blog


    1. It seems like this is the first time you’re on my blog. How come you can’t wait anymore? You didn’t wait, dude. 😛

      Anyway, I haven’t found her name yet. As soon as I discover her name, I’ll write about her.


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