Recently, Bangladesh has turned down the most popular social networking platform, Facebook. This is just another thoughtless decision of the government which is causing trouble to the millions of Facebook users in Bangladesh. Here’s a paragraph from the post that I’ve just written and published on my self-hosted blog,

[Almost] Everything can be used in a right and a wrong way. A cell phone can be useful for establishing connection between two or more people staying far from each other. The same stuff can also be used to threaten somebody. So, considering the latter use of cell phone, should you ban cell phone in the country? Another thing is knife or such sharp tools. It can be used to kill somebody, while it is necessary to slaughter our domestic animals — say a sheep, for example. So, considering the latter use, will our government ban knives across the country.

If you say no, then why is Facebook banned? We are not abusers; we just use the site to stay in touch with friends, and some people use it to promote their blogs or websites, just like me. But you see that we too are not able to access the site. Does that sound fair to you?

Please click the following link to read the full post on my blog where I’ve expressed my personal view on the real reason behind turning down Facebook and the thoughtlessness of the decision taken by the government.

Is Banning Facebook the right decision?

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