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I never exposed in public that I have a huge project in my brain that I’ve been planning since last month. The plan is simple: creating a blogging platform in English focusing youths in Bangladesh. My primary target audience is English medium students across the country. Then other people of any age or any profession interested in English blogging will also be able to blog with us. I want to create a new cycle of bloggers who like to write about almost everything in English.

We can’t deny that English is a must to keep pace with the current world, can we?

The technical works will begin as soon as the final release of WordPress version 3 is available. Today, in a separate hosting, I installed the release candidate version of WordPress 3 and tried out a few features that never existed in WordPress script before. I also tried out Multisite (in WordPress terms, “Network”) feature which is probably the main attraction of the new version. This feature will let you create as many blogs as you want under separate directories or sub-domains. You can create a complete blogging network with WordPress 3. WordPress Multi-User is no longer needed to create a blog network.

After exploring the features and advantages of multisite feature, I’ve come to a decision that I will not enable multisite feature. Enabling multisite feature will create some problems. For example, a new blogger will create a new site after registering and will publish all his posts on his newly created blog. This way everyone will have a separate blog site and therefore the discussion will not become active.

So, I’ve just decided not to use multisite feature and let bloggers write in a single blogsite which will gain more traffic, visits, readers, and comments making the discussion active and the site lively.

However, after exploring the WordPress 3 RC 1, I couldn’t really understand what webhooks really do. Since I’m an active blogger here in, I’ve come to know about webhooks as soon as the feature was introduced. But I never really understood what it does, how it works and what benefit do I get by using this. For any help, I look through the support page and I readily get the problem resolved. But apparently the webhooks support page is a little difficultly written which makes maximum number of people unable to understand what’s the deal. (See the rating of Webhooks support page here)

If you’re interested, you should try out WP 3 RC 1 in a free hosting site now. As soon as the final release is available, you will be able to upgrade your current installation to version 3.

And my project hasn’t initiated yet. Honestly, I couldn’t come up with a perfect name for the site yet! I know that sucks; but I’m really brainstorming hard to find out a solid, rocking name for my new blogging platform. Until then, stay with me on twitter @aisajib and follow my technology articles on Life with Technology.

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    1. I get confused between what bbPress and BuddyPress is all about. By the way, I have no plan to work with them. I’m good with WordPress and just like you I’m waiting impatiently for final release of WordPress 3.

      That Matt guy is teasing millions of waiters like me. 😡


    1. You could describe what kind of problem you are having so that I could try to help you out. I have been using WP 3 since it launched and didn’t encounter any problem so far.


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