I found this girl. How? Through this blog post! 🙂 Dive down to the end of this post for more.

I usually go to bed early in the evening provided that I actually sleep in the late night. 😉 After the unnatural disaster that took place at our home, my desktop computer has been temporarily set up next to my bed; on a tea-table. So, after my study in the evening, I sit on my bed and turn up my computer. It’s pretty uncomfortable to work on a computer which is low-lying from where you’re sitting at (did my bad English confuse you again?).


Prova Syn
Prova Syn -- The Girl I have been missing and looking for. Photo edited by me.

Anyway, I’m going to talk about a girl I first had chat with on Facebook earlier this year. All on a sudden she was online and sent me a message asking if I was free to help her. She was just another Facebook friend of mine whom I don’t know anything about. I added her seeing the pretty face she put up as profile picture, although I had confusions if that was really her.

The conversation went in Bangla. Here I translated them into English for your convenience.

“Yea, what’s up?” I replied like I know her for years.
“Well, um, I’m gonna need some help, can you help me with this?” I wished if I could hear her voice at that moment. 😉
“Yea sure. Tell me what is it that you want me to do.” Said I being as much polite as possible without losing the smartness. 😀
“Well, I want to delete this Facebook account. I don’t know the procedures. How do I proceed?”
“Oh, why do you want to delete?” I asked. She replied, “No, I just want to start over. And creating a brand new profile is better than anything else.”
“Okay,” I directed, “Go to your Account Settings and you’ll find the deactivate option to temporarily deactivate your account.”

Note that at that time I was logged in to Facebook using my cell phone and I had no idea about deleting Facebook accounts permanently. So, when she said that she wanted to delete her account for ever, I had to log out and run a few searches on almighty Google. Within a few minutes I came up with a few tutorials one of which was provided by the Facebook itself. It was a link to a Facebook URL that would allow the user to request for permanent deletion of the account concerned. It would take time. And the user must not attempt to log in again to that account.

After grabbing sufficient information and copying the URL to my Nokia’s clipboard, I signed in again hoping to advice her. Alas! By then she had gone offline. 😦 😦


On Friday, 28 May 2010, I found that girl online again and it was around 4.00 AM. I was still awake, can’t remember for what. On that day, I had a long conversation (chat, specifically) with her where I came to know about her. She lived in Mohammedpur area of the city, and studied intermediate 2nd or 1st year (can’t remember the exact info). I talked about a lot of stuffs that day, but before all, I asked why she had wanted to close down her Facebook account. She replied that her account was accessed by someone else. I didn’t realize if that was a hack occurrence. But I didn’t make it longer as there were stuffs more interesting about her than that.

I said, “Come on you shouldn’t have been elder than me,” showing off sad face of mine. She smiled. I said, “No really, I really wish you were a school goer, so that I might have a chance! Well, you know, you look like, um, good.” She smiled. I told a few more words expressing my sadness for her not being younger than me. She always smiled.

Anyway, let’s go back to the event. My birthday is June 5. So, when I told her about this and asked to prepare with a cool gift for me, she said she wouldn’t mind having food. 😀 Well, I thought this would be a good idea. “Ice cream?” I offered. She said Ice cream will do. Then I asked if she would seriously come join me in a Restaurant on my birthday. She said that she will if she has no examination on that day.

I was a little too happy. 😉 😀 😎

News: Bangladesh government banned Facebook the next day.

You know that there are hundreds of ways to bypass the block. I mean, lots of proxies allowing you to use Facebook *painfully* although it’s blocked. But hey, not everyone knows that. And probably that girl didn’t know that either. That’s why she couldn’t come online on Facebook. Therefore, I missed the chance to meet her. I also missed lots of birthday wishes from my other Facebook friends just because of the ban.

That was really, really sad. 😦


Although I missed a fixed meet with her, I was not very much disappointed as I could manage some other day for her. I found that she was a free-minded, friendly girl — unlike many others in here. So, I thought she wouldn’t deny to meet someday later, as I frequently go through the area she lives in.

Unfortunately, I never found her online.

Today, I thought that I would send her a message on Facebook. And that’s when I discovered she was no more in my friend’s list. I wondered and searched around Facebook with her name. But she didn’t appear. After a few minutes of thinking, I finally understood that she had deactivated or deleted her Facebook account permanently.

And the worst of all is that, I don’t even have her email address to contact her. That means, I simply lost all way to communicate with her. The only thing I can do is keep my eyes wary when passing through the area she lives in. I usually don’t remember girls’ faces as they change each time they make up! But her fresh picture is still on my mind. So, hopefully, someday I would find her on a street, market, bus, or maybe in a restaurant. And then, um, we’ll see! 😀

The Mystery Ends; story continues 😉

Yep, this was totally unbelievable when I saw that Prova Syn friend requested me on Facebook and left a comment on this post (see carefully in the comment section, you’ll find her comment). I really enjoyed how this blog connected me to my lost friend. This tempted me to write a blog post titled as “Yes, blog connects, too!” Read now!

31 thoughts

  1. This remember me to the guy that look at a gal in the metro and then she just go off before him. He can not forget and even make a website to find her. That was fun, I believe like two or so years ago. It was even in “good morning america”. It was cool. I hope that this battle of yours is worthed, if so, that is real fun!
    ~Great Love to you,
    Mirian from peelingtheorange. “)


  2. lollllllll ‘the facebook girl’ haha lissen if she likes u then she’ll prbbly come bak on fcebuk , otherwise she wudnt bother so much. these fcebuk stories r v funny i gotta say! best of luk, btw, girls do put up their best in the pics, so don’t fall for a fake pic 😉


    1. Facebook stories are really funny, although this is the first time I’m facing any. 😉

      There’s nothing like ‘liking’ or whatever you said. (Don’t look at the tags of the post 😀 ) We talked like good friends. And I guess she doesn’t even remember me. She will, however, remember me if I somehow talk to her again. Don’t know if that’s gonna happen. 😥

      About the picture: what you see in this post is edited by me. I saw so many photos of her, all captured by herself using cell phone’s camera. So, I didn’t fall for a fake pic 😉 .

      Thanks for commenting, by the way. I love having comments on my posts. 🙂


  3. hu dsnt luv comments on their post eh ;p i gotta say even if u dnt like her, i rekon u think she just mite be the one! mayb not yet, mayb later , n i mite b puttin ideas in ur mind by sayin this loll gud luk!


    1. It’s true, but some bloggers just don’t care whether they get a comment or not. They never respond to any comment.

      And by the way, I feel like you’re provoking me to love her. 😀 Not bad, she is a sweet and beautiful girl, however. 😉

      You keep putting ideas on my mind. Sounds good, you know. 😎


  4. oopsy lol i didnt mean to hav u hurd the sayin ‘ forget love, i’d rather fall in chocolate” well its great advice! 😀 love is all good in movies. real life is -OUCH! =[ gud luk agen!


    1. If I can be a good friend of her, of course in real life, not in fake virtual world, I’ll be happy. That would be enough for me.

      Here I have a meaning of your good luck! 🙂 Thanks, dear.


  5. I like the pic that is added on the post…..If its her real pic then she is very much sweet and pretty…..For this reason its very normal that you are missing her a lot…Keep updated your feelings for your dreamy girl….Hope you’ll find her on a day the way you like….In a market,street etc etc…Any way I like that post… 🙂


    1. First, as I already said, pray, don’t hope. 😉

      I do believe that the picture is her real picture as I saw a lot of pictures on that account took in different poses. Plus, when I talked, I felt it wasn’t a fake profile. And I now look forward to talk to her face-to-face someday. 😀


  6. You’ll meet such ‘girls’ many, many times in the days to come. The one you are so excited about may be nothing but a boy running a fb account with a fake ID and profile picture. lol….


    1. There were too many pictures of the girl on Facebook that made me think she actually exists! 😉 But it’s good if it was fake. ‘Cause otherwise I’ll have to repent why I didn’t ask her email address last time I talked. 😉


    1. Most Bangladeshis are not used-to in Orkut. Even I myself find it pretty useless. Some people here use hi5, though.

      Since Facebook is the most popular, she got an account on it. I don’t think she has any other account on Facebook. Now the only thing I can do is keep looking around and ask my friends about her. Thank god I at least got a few good pictures of her. I found her on my suggested list, so I assume she was friend of any of my friends.

      Thanks for your comment, by the way. 😀


  7. How sweeeeeeet sajib…!!!

    By the way,actually someone have created a fake prof and using my all pic…
    Thats why i deactivated my account…


    1. Oh my god! I never thought that you’d be reading this! 😮 😮

      Anyway, I wouldn’t have believed that this is real you unless you added me on Facebook. It’s nice to have you back. 🙂 Thanks for “ego-surfing” on Google 😀 (I know how you found this post 😉 )


  8. What a great story! It’s just unbelievable (I believe you, but it sounds as a movie anyway! :D). Especially when it says: “Bangladesh government banned Facebook the next day”. Maaaan, you must have wanted to kill yourself! (figuratively speaking of course). But it is so great that your story had a happy ending 🙂

    PS: Why did Bangladesh ban Facebook?
    PS: I guess shiful fell in love with you xD


    1. True about that. 😀

      PS Ans: Bangladesh banned facebook on grounds of Prophet Mohammed’s cartoonish pictures being posted on Facebook. But this was just a show-off. The real reason was that someone made a caricature of the Prime Minister and Opposition party leader and posted them on Facebook. They were too shy with this that’s why they banned.

      PS 2 Ans: I’m not sure but shiful sounds to be a male’s name. 😉 Could be a female, too, because I never heard that name before. But I’m not gonna call the number anyway. 😀


      1. But now it’s not banned anymore, right? Is Bangladesh a democratic country? (sorry, I really don’t know a thing about the place where you live!)

        PS2: I didn’t say it was a female xD


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