Today, there is no one at my home. My mother has gone out of the city to visit her mother. And my father is off to office. Since it’s weekly holiday here, I don’t have school. Thank God I have computer with Internet connection, otherwise I would have had a real bad day. Even there is no TV at home so you understand how the situation is.

Anyway, when the clock struck 4PM, I felt hunger. Well, there was nothing to eat except some rice in the fridge. After a short time of search I discovered fortunately there was an egg  in the fridge. Good. Fried egg is something I like to eat. In this post, I’ll show you how to fry an egg in case you don’t know and someday need to fry one. 😀

Warning: Follow the steps at your own risk. The author, which means me, 😉 will not be liable if you mess up anything. 😀


There are a few things without what you cannot fry an egg. They are usually the following ones:

  1. A top quality egg. 😉
  2. Vegetable oil.
  3. Access to kitchen. 😀
  4. A clean cup and a spoon.
  5. A frying pan.
  6. Salt.
  7. Onion and green chillies (depends on your taste).
  8. Red chillies (to accompany with rice 😀 ).

Basically, the first 5 ingredients are good to go. Make sure you have all of them and then continue to the cooking process.

How to Fry an Egg

Get the Egg

First of all, you have to search through your fridge for an egg. Usually, most fridges has a particular place where eggs are arranged up. That looks something like this:

egg in fridge
The eggs are usually arranged in no particular order. 😀

Now that you have an egg! Congratulations! 🙂 Now, proceed.

Get a cup

This is necessary for kneading the egg. Look up for something like this:

cup on basin
The size of the cup is perfect for kneading as many as three eggs. 😀

Execute the Egg

This is the most difficult part of the process for newbie cookers. Most people fail to execute the egg in a proper way. As a result, nothing bad happens. 😉 I mean, execute it the way you like. But I think the corner of the sink is good for egg execution.

egg on sink
Do not hit too hard! Hit softly.

Fill up the cup

Once the egg is executed, extract the liquid material inside the egg into the cup. After the extraction, eggshell should be trashed and the inside view of the cup should be something like this:

egg on cup
Do not drink it! Might not be good for health.

Add Taste

You would require some added salt to make the fried egg tasty. Add some salt into the cup. You should add some onion and green chillies if you like. However, I usually don’t like fried egg with green chillies. I like onion, though. But who’s gonna cry for slicing onion? 😉


Egg blenders do this job pretty amazingly. However, you can get it done using a tea-spoon, too.

blending egg
Information: This picture was not sponsored by Horlicks. 😆

Blend Well

Make sure you blend the egg as good as possible because it decides how tasty egg will be once its fried.

egg on cup
It should look like mango juice once it is well-blended. 😉

Get ready to fry

This is a little risky part for newbie cookers. Find a well-sized frying pan and put it on the burners. Ignite the burner and wait a few moments until it gets hot. And then add your favorite vegetable oil. 😉 Note that oil that is not your favorite will also do the work same. So, you don’t have to worry about it.

frying pan
Could not find any better-looking pan as I am pretty irregular to kitchen! 😉


At this point, you have wait a few minutes until the oil is hot and you see steam above the pan. Put the blended egg into the pan carefully. The hot oil may harm your skin if it falls on. Therefore, you must not hurry and do this carefully.

egg on pan
Professional or used-to hands can make it look better!

I know how to fry egg, but I’m not regular at frying egg. That’s why I couldn’t turn the egg into a good shape. However, as time passes by, you’ll notice a significant increase or swell at the pan. Do not worry; it won’t burst. 😀 😛

I was not understanding what shape it was turning into.

Final task: Eat

Prepare rice on your plate and put the fried egg onto it. You might like to add fried red chillies with it. Otherwise, there is nothing else you might like to add when presenting the egg with rice.

rice and egg
What a shape! Ever saw fried egg in a square size? 😮

For your information, in case you don’t know, you can eat fried egg without rice, too. Or fried egg with bread or paratha tastes good as well. So, it’s completely your choice how you will eat the fried egg.

The total Process at a glance

I wouldn’t mind adding a video tutorial, but the fact is we use Internet at a terrible speed. It took more time to upload those pictures than how much time it took to actually fry the egg! So, now you understand it would take a whole day to upload a video clip if I recorded one.

Anyway, here’s the full recipe at a glance.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So, how was your experience with frying egg? Share your experience with me and my readers. Also let me know if you have some more tips to make fried egg more tasty.

Photos are a contribution of Nokia 5130 XpressMusic.


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16 thoughts

  1. hey! hey ! frying pan was not mentioned into ingredients list. and turmeric powder also missing in the recipe, which is mostly used in BD kitchens.

    I love to eat telur goreng (i mean friend egg) too. if you are irregular in kitchen and inexperienced in cooking, chopping then there is a SIMPLE fried egg recipe for you.

    Just nicely break the egg into a small bowl or cup. stir it properly with spoon. and just add a bit salt as per your taste. and NOTHING else. Now put the frying pan on burner, nonstick frying pan is always appreciable. Put some oil. pour out the egg mixture on pan. Fry it to and eat it with panas nasi putih (hot white rice).


    and TASTY also. 😛


    1. Good observation. I really missed that. Now adding.

      Yours is a shortened form of the recipe while mine is detailed with pictures. 😀 But we both are making the same thing at the end.

      By the way, turmeric powder is not necessary for frying an egg, I guess.


      1. well, common recipe of egg fry has onion, green chili, salt and turmeric power. Turmeric powder is used most in BD kitchen.

        and yes, we both r frying egg but just d number of ingredients r not d same. My one only had salt with stir egg and then fried it with oil as u did. This fried egg, without onion, green chili, turmeric powder, tastes really yummy.

        however, do u know how to cook Scrambled Egg? very simple recipe. You just need to enrich the ingredients. Add more like-

        finely chopped tomato
        chopped coriander leaves
        broccoli – small pieces
        chopped cabbage
        cauliflower – small pieces
        chopped capsicum , can be used different color of capsicums
        chopped onion leaves

        mix all with the stir egg. Pour out the egg mixture on frying pan. Don’t let the egg mixture set on pan rather start to scramble immediately the egg mixture on pan. once the egg shows golden color and vegetable looks glossy, your Scrambled Egg is ready to server. 😀

        Turmeric power is not necessary to add in this recipe but salt.


        1. Good that you’ve added a richer recipe. But I think it’s like egg recipe for the pan pacific sonrgaon 😛

          Anyway, I think I’ll try it out. Would be helpful if you could tell me the Bengali meanings of Broccoli. Couldn’t find in the dictionary 😉 Plus how should I say “scrambled egg” in Bangla?


  2. no bangla name for broccoli yet 🙂 its basically a foreign vegetable. it looks like cauliflower (ful-kopi), but broccoli is green. Just Google broccoli and see it. mostly available in our sumerstores like Agora, Nandan etc. Sometimes available in the local Bazar, specially during winter.

    scrambled egg in bangla is – ”স্ক্র্যাম্বল্ড” এগ

    ডিমের মিশ্রনটা প্যানে দিয়েই চামচ দিয়ে ঘুঁটে বা নেড়ে নেড়ে দিতে হয়। তাতে সব্জির সাথে মিশে দলা দলা হয়ে ভাজা হয়। ঘুঁটা দেয়া হয় বলেই scrambled egg 🙂


  3. It must have taken you a lot of time to fry an egg and take pictures! But you have done a great job – and I find it quite funny too 😀

    I use a fork to beat an egg, and add ground pepper instead of salt. Sometimes, I add cheese too. It melts as the egg cooks and gives it a yummy taste.


    1. Yes, it definitely tool longer than usual time to fry the egg and at the same time take those pictures. But publishing this post took longer than that. Not because I compose slowly, but I have a terribly slow Internet speed which took a lot time to upload those pictures and reload the visual editor each time I inserted the images.

      You have a good recipe, too. 😉 Seems like you can’t eat anything without making it way too tasty. 😀


  4. I think you had intended to poach the egg, for which you do not need to beat it. Just break it into a pan of sizzling oil, and it wouldn’t wind up square. It’ll instead have the yellow bull’s eye with white all around it.

    What you wound up making is an omelette for which you do not need that much oil. And as Ireene mentioned, you can even use turmeric, but I don’t prefer that.

    I just returned from a month’s holiday in BD and this post flooded me with many memories. We had poached egg every morning.

    The fact that you live in Mirpur-1 added to the overwhelming memories, because I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Dhaka, though it’s the sickest of places imaginable.


    1. Not really, I didn’t intend to poach the egg, otherwise I wouldn’t have blended it. But I like poached egg, for sure. 😀

      Bangladesh maybe good for a periodic holiday tour but to live, as you said — sickest, and the worst place ever. Suffering from 8-10 hours electricity outage every single day is something you really can’t imagine unless you be here.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment. You didn’t say where you are now, nor does your About page says much information about yourself. I hope you keep coming back to my blog.


  5. Okay, so I’m now 40 years old, and I STILL can’t crack open an egg properly.

    I actually take the blundt (non-serrated) side of a butter knife and crack it…and it still is a mess and I still end up with shells in my mixture that are nearly impossible to remove…stuck in sticky parts of yolk. UGH!

    I try and try and my skills refuse to improve. My husband finds this process very entertaining to watch. He will have to teach our children. A friend of mine said “you use a knife, and STILL have difficulty?” She can’t believe it…


    Lake Forest, California USA


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